Familiar place

Author of the graphic: Stuart Lippincott

I. Second meeting with Lupe and Blet.

Date: 07.11.2009
My age: 20 years old


After a pretty intensive day, I decided to relax in an armchair. No computer, no TV, and my phone turned off. As soon as I sat down, I felt a slight tingling which was the beginning of vibrations. I thought: “not now”, but the tingling didn’t go away, and the moment I wanted to stop it my physical body was tangled again by a paralysis that didn’t allow me to move. After a few minutes the tingling changed into regular vibrations. As these turned from chaotic to systematic I felt a blow on my back, which made me jump out of my chair falling to the floor. Confused I quickly got up, turned around to go back to the chair, however there I saw my physical body. I realized that I was in the Interstate, although it felt exactly like I was in my physical body and it was in charge of me, not my astral body.

I felt that there were some beings near me. As I focused on them and began to tune into them, I heard their laughter and recognized the timbre of their non-verbal voice.


Lupe: Blet, you were supposed to do it gently!

Blet: I couldn’t help myself, he flew pretty bad

Lupe: haha, he flew like he didn’t expect it to happen, but maybe we shouldn’t tease him anymore

Me: are you making fun of me again? – I asked ironically

Lupe: no, don’t worry, but as for a navigator you were too easy to tease

Me: A navigator? Again these riddles?

Blet: we will tell you later, now we have a guest

This visitor turned out to be the Guardian, who took the form of a young, elegant man who was dressed in black pants and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He held a razor blade in his fingers. His hands and feet were dripping with blood. The young man approached us, then said that he would pursue us even if we returned to our physical bodies, turning our lives into a nightmare… at that point Lupe interrupted: – dude, I already told you once not to bother me.The guard became furious,shouting frightening words in our direction in a language I didn’t understand sounding a bit like Aramaic. I then had the impression that he was shouting so loudly that the entire reflection of physicality located in The Interstate was about to explode. Lupe, who was standing in front, turned her head towards us and asked us to take a few steps back. At that moment I felt very insecure, as if it was a prelude to serious problems. Then Lupe, without the slightest effort, formed a bubble around herself and the Guardian, which was something like a small OSPUO. Lupe inside the bubble was able to move with tremendous speed, while the Guardian’s movements were severely slowed down. Blet seeing my surprise and a little delight with this “trick” said:

Blet: this is her sphere and she rules in it, and this Guardian is just a guest in it who follows the rules of the host. What an irony, isn’t it?
Met: Yes. I guess so – I added with some uncertainty.

Lupe asked the Guardian in a calm, understanding voice: why are you so stubborn. I am a self-aware being and I understand your role. Why don’t you understand mine?

The Guardian did not speak, but with his eyes full of anger he tried to grab Lupe. However, the guard was without a chance, as Lupe positioned herself behind his back in the blink of an eye, and the guard took a few minutes or so to turn around at times when Lupe deliberately slowed him down.

Lupe: are you aware that someday we will play as a team? Perhaps we will be friends then, unfortunately that is not possible at the moment so please accept my apologies.

The guard, in uncensored words, assured her that he didn’t need her apology for anything.

Lupe: I seek forgiveness not to make it better for you. I’m doing it to make it easier for me, because I know we won’t meet for a long time, and I’ve grown fond of our conversations. I also understand that despite everything, you are sometimes helpful.

After saying those words and sending a kiss in the direction of the Guardian, Lupe nodded to Blet and pushed the Guardian out of his OSPUO, the Guardian passing through the walls of the bubble as if it were a grater that ripped a huge amount of different forms of energy out of him. Blet began to absorb the swirling energies throwing to me: treat yourself. I approached and, sticking out my hand, began to watch as one of the forms of energy, purple in color, began to entwine it and then was absorbed inside my astral body. I then felt a tremendous invigoration, as if I had drunk several strong coffees. My attunement increased to a very great degree. For brief moments, as if in flashes, I heard all the Lupe i Blet’s thoughts . The bubble was releasing more and more colorful, energetic threads that I eagerly wanted to absorb. Very soon, however, it became apparent that I could not do this without restriction. At one point, one form of energy wrapped around my astral body, but was not absorbed. Lupe, noticing this, said to me in a cool tone – never take more than you can reasonably use. The Astral strives for an equilibrium in which the amount of inflows, must be equal to the amount of outflows. This is called a zero-flow process. Be a part of it, and you will grow much faster.


Having finished “playing” with the energies, I returned to Lupe’s words about my role as a navigator.

Me: Lupe, I am tormented by the constant feeling that I am involved in events that I cannot understand because I am not who I perhaps should be. I feel like I need to start from the beginning. From the very beginning and that is the only way for me to fully participate in things that I think are routine for you.

Blet: have you already processed the packet of memories you received during our first meeting?

Me: yes, but they are not fully comprehensible to me. I can’t put them in chronological order, which makes many events less valuable than they probably were. It is difficult for me to put together a unified jigsaw puzzle with tens of thousands of small pieces.

Lupe: with time the puzzle will arrange itself, no worries. For a long time you played the role of a traveler, who determined the optimal travel routes, so as to reach distant places without unnecessary trouble. You were able to phase well and anticipate the next steps on your travel route. Blet and I would catch your signal and just fly behind you.

Me: does that mean I was able to move freely through the different regions of the Astral?

Blet: strongly simplifying the matter – that’s how it was.

Me: I understand that we formed some kind of group. What roles did you play in it?

Blet: Lupe and I dealt with exactly what you have just seen, plus a few extras.

Lupe: Matthew, we still have the same roles, but without you for the time being. I can efficiently hunt down the creatures that are undesirable in a given area and who later become the givers of certain energies for us.

Blet: and I stored that energy tightly and released it at appropriate times during our travels.

Me: Ok, I think I understand our roles, but for now I’m not going to ask what the purposes of our journeys were, because that would be rather beyond my current cognitive abilities.

Lupe: I think you’re much more intrigued by how to deal with the guards efficiently, right?

Me: – asking half-jokingly – are you sure it’s fair to ask me a question you’re sure about because you read it directly from my inner self?

Lupe: – laughed and replied – your perspective is not right. Just because I or anyone else has knowledge related to your thoughts does not mean they want to manipulate you. It is simply that many beings can also read your confusion and communicate with you in a way that is comfortable for you.

Me: – laughing – well you managed to make me comfortable. Well, then tell me about the fight with the Guardians.

Lupe: it’s hard to call it a fight, because there are not two forces clashing in a clash with someone defenseless. However, you have to learn about the fact that they are vulnerable to us from your own experience. Then you will have confidence in that, and they very often prey on our shadows of doubt.

Me: okay, but you locked him in your bubble, how did you do that?

Lupe: one day you will know and understand how energies work in the Astral. Energies are everything and there is nothing that is not an energy. It is depending on the use of a given energy that we get given results. Guards have a certain amount of energy they can use. If you are aware of this, and in addition you can manage the energies yourself, you become almighty in relation to the Guardians. It is a bit like a game of rock, paper and scissors. What if you add to this game, for example, a pot into which you can throw paper, stone and scissors?

Me: the pot always wins?

Lupe: yes. But the pot can only be used by you. As long as you don’t use it, your opponent won’t be aware that the pot exists, but once he sees it and realizes he’s lost, he won’t be able to use it. We call these spheres of individual influence.

Me: I get it. For me at this point the problem is even that I can’t tell the difference between energies, I don’t know what characterizes them, because as I’ve noticed two energies of the same color, intensity or texture can have completely different impacts. Probably these differences are very subtle and maybe that’s the point.

Lupe: – with a smile on your lips – stop analyzing everything so much! These differences are not subtle at all. The differences are huge, you are just not yet sensitive to them. For non-material beings who come into physicality, initially each type of matter is the same thing. Iron, water, ice, fire, light, sounds are exactly the same to them and they see no difference between them. To them they are one and the same energy. For us it is not, because we are able to interpret matter properly and distinguish different types of matter with the help of our physical senses.

After a slight reflection on my part, Lupe continued.

Lupe: I will now create a small sphere, enter it and let’s review the Rota together.

Lupe formed a luminous sphere that was both blindingly white and non-radiant. This is a phenomenon which is difficult to describe and which has no right to occur in our known 4-dimensional physicality. The light appeared as if from nowhere drawing a clear outline of a circle, and headed inwards. I went inside. Lupe informed me that this place is immune to external factors including the phenomenon of physical time (we were then in the Interstate, where physical time is in force), so in peace we could review what she wanted to show me.

Lupe showed me one of her memories in which, during a fight with a Sadistic Guardian who grabbed her and used the sharp edges of a piece of paper to cut the skin on her neck. Skin cuts are quite a phobia of Lupe’s, the Guard efficiently identified this and took advantage of it. At one point, when Lupe no longer had the strength to fight, and the fear she felt was so paralyzing that she slowly began the process of automatically returning to her physical body, she began to see rays of red and blue light. She reached out her hand to touch the blue rays and then noticed that they behaved like a solid that could accumulate in certain areas of space and that could be held in the astral hand and released at the right moment. Then the entire environment Lupe was in, including the Guardian began to move momentarily in slow motion. Lupe noticed that the Guardian was using blue and red forms of energy for his purposes, and also that from the proper combination of the two colors several more were formed, with different structures. The energies, previously imperceptible to her, suddenly became tangibly visible.

The pain and fear Lupe experienced then became a catalyst for change. The internal paralysis she experienced then triggered automatic processes in her astral body which, in order to protect her, began to synthesize her internal energies giving her additional tools at her disposal. We are not able to learn this type of skill in any other way than by experiencing it ourselves. Just as it is impossible to get rid of stage fright by reading about what stage fright is and how to deal with it. Of course theory can help, but only practical experience will give any effect.


After we finished browsing Rota, Blet said to us: you are cooling down, and then turned to Lupe: – are we saying goodbye or flying on?

What Blet meant was that our time in the Interstate was running out and if we wanted to continue the meeting, we had to move to a more energetic place where the phenomenon of physical time would no longer apply to us. I said excitedly: – let’s fly!

II. Archipelag.

Author of the graphic: ShahabAlizadeh

Blet: well, lead the way Mateo

Me: – laughing – Mateo?

Lupe: say what your intuition tells you. Where and how we need to fly.

A brief snapshot appeared in my head showing from the third person how I fly speeding in any direction and suddenly disappear.

Lupe: great vision. Let’s do it!

I gathered up some energy and shot out like a slingshot, flying so fast that I stopped seeing anything around me. All I could see was a blurry, grayish-yellow smear.

Lupe: great! Now turn on the slight phasing.

I had very little phasing skills at the time, so even my best effort was just “slight phasing”. Suddenly the surroundings turned pink in various shades of pink and I heard loud: poof, poof, poof… one “poof” each time I punched through one of the unfamiliar layers at the time.

We arrived at a place that resembled an archipelago. It stretched over a considerable area, all the islands were relatively small, with almost white sand and vegetation resembling frail mushrooms waving in the wind.

Blet: there you go, we made it

Me: a bit blindly, but yes, we did it – I replied slightly proud of my little-great achievement

Blet: grab it and look through it


Blet sent me another rota, which I eagerly reviewed. It concerned our friendship from “my” previous incarnations. I viewed the whole thing from a third person perspective, seeing the three of us. Together we were flying through an area where a strong energetic wind was blowing, with a kind of metal filings that scratched, and at times even jerked, our astral bodies. Time and again Blet released subsequent doses of energy, which were immediately absorbed by us and repaired the outer shells of our astral bodies. My role was limited to pointing in which direction of the 4-axis space – in our physicality we only perceive 3 axes/spatial dimensions – which made that place quite complex in its structure and difficult to describe accurately enough to be understood. We were flying at a very high speed because we wanted to leave the place as quickly as possible, but the journey took what I felt was several hours. We maneuvered between large clouds of fierce energy and entities that reacted to every emotion, even the smallest one, that came out of us. These creatures were characterized by strong differences in their appearance – as if they were strongly differing species. What they had in common was the desire to tear off even a small thread of energy from us. However, there were so many of these entities (certainly more than hundreds of thousands) that we had to be very careful, because they could quickly end our flight. Suddenly, at a certain distance from us, a strange cloud began to form, which repelled from itself the energies that were problematic for us. I ordered us to fly inside. This procedure moved us (read: teleported) some distance away, directly into the presence of a huge entity, formed from the accumulation of the wind there. I looked towards Lupe and Bleta having a word in mind: “oops”. We started running off in different directions, as if each of us knew exactly how we were going to play this. From a third person perspective, it looked like a giant was trying to catch the flies flying around him. From the cloud of radiant energy of our opponent I could read his intentions, so being in a mental connection with my friends I informed them how to avoid capture. At one point I felt a rapid drop of energy, followed by a deep paralysis that made me unable to move in the slightest way. In addition, I felt that the clarity of my perception was decreasing, as if I were becoming increasingly intoxicated with alcohol. However, I could see everything that was happening around me. I was then captured by the giant and imprisoned in its energetic grip. I could have shifted to another frequency and escaped him, but I couldn’t leave my friends. Lupe looked at what had happened to me and spoke to me with a slight smile: ” thanks a lot!” and then tried to form a sphere and catch the giant in it, but she was unsuccessful. Every time she started to form it, the giant with one of its many arms would blow the energy sphere away like smoke in the wind. After several unsuccessful attempts, Lupe was also caught and plunged into paralysis. Blet then radiated all the energy he had gathered and shot it towards the giant, causing it to shift to a different frequency, disappearing from that location. The paralysis let go, my perception was clear again and then I noticed that we were surrounded by a sea of such giants who were moving slowly towards us. I grabbed Lupe and Bleta by their non-physical wrists and intensely changing directions and speeds flew a route that allowed us to pick up bits of swirling energy particles along the way that allowed us to continue our flight. I also phased between the different frequencies of this multi-level plane, but all the while a group of predatory beings flew behind us, following my identity (just as Penny flew behind my son). I made a sudden turn flying across all the planes of the area, suddenly slowed down sharply so that the entire group of our pursuers knew where we were, sealed us in a bubble using the Black Sphere Method and for a moment we watched the disorientation of our opponents who slowly began to disappear phasing into other areas. After some time and some Deep Phasing, we found ourselves in the same place where Blet had sent me the rota. The archipelago looked exactly the same, there was a pleasant breeze blowing and there was a general silence and all that could be heard was the sound of the waves of the light purple ocean. When we arrived we looked at each other and then we all started laughing out loud. The uncontrollable laughter continued for a long moment, during which we lay exhausted on the sand, looking at each other again and again and clasping hands. Part of the emptiness that I had had inside me since birth (physical) and that was a daily pebble in my shoe was filled. I felt that we were one and that was the most important thing to me at that moment.

The rota came to an end and Blet said: – you see my friend, there are places we have known for a long time.

I answered as if out of the blue: – yes… and there are islands to which we don’t have the keys yet – not knowing then what I really meant. I pulled it out somewhere from the depths of my subconscious.

After my words, I saw both Lupe and Bleta smile. I could tell from their thought noise that they were treating this situation as if I was slowly awakening from amnesia.

Lupe added: – and there are moments that we will seek for eternity as well as those to which we will return for eternity.

At that moment I realized that the places we had traveled to in the past and the goals we had reached were not important to me at that moment. I realized that I had the ability to see certain forms of energy that my friends did not see. I decided to focus on mastering this ability again so that I could feel, with small steps, that I was once again coming closer home I had been longing for at that time of my life.

III. Free flow of energy.

Author of the graphic: Stuart Lippincott

Date: 18.11.2009
My age: 20 years old


I left my physical body during my nightly exit, which was becoming more and more routine. I immediately heard a light laugh belonging to Lupe. The day before, I had written her an email requesting a meeting because I had no idea how to trigger the energy identification skill. It had only been a few days since the previous meeting, but I had spent quite a bit of time in the Astral during those few days, which could be converted into physical time as at least a few months. I tried many methods, conducted many different experiments, which unfortunately ended in failure, because I did not know how to get started.

Me: Lupe, I need a teacher to explain all the ins and outs. My Higher Self can be enigmatic at times and doesn’t give me easy answers. Where is Blet anyway?

Lupe: Blet is probably just hanging around, giving me a snapshot of what he’s doing at the moment. Blet was flying around the area where he lived on his planet, staying in his astral body, as a form of entertainment.

Lupe: You don’t need a teacher. You need guidance in which direction you should go. My guidance will be related to what I have already told you last time. Don’t store anything. Don’t hoard anything, because here and now you have everything you need. Don’t take energy from the environment, but let it flow through you and try to read its movements.

Me: knowing how to do it, why can’t you do it yourself?

Lupe: I only know the theoretical assumptions and I know them from (earlier) you.

After a brief farewell, I went to the area where I conducted my experiments. I chose a completely dark space where energy was plentiful. I stood motionless and observed a small blue luminous thread that flowed towards me. I peeled back all of my outer layers and let it run right through me. As soon as it flew through me I noticed several more drifting in different directions in the darkness. I positioned myself in their path and again let them pass through me. Then I noticed more and more of them in my surroundings until finally there were so many that they formed something like an artificial physicality. My astral body also covered itself with that physical shell, so that I could experience the place without any difficulty. In front of me emerged a large stone staircase with steps higher than my physical body there. I heard an impersonal, joyful voice, as if of a parent addressing his child: “come on up, you can do it”. The physical body there was in a very good shape, so I climbed the first few steps without the slightest effort – but I was not wearing any clothes, so it was not difficult to get more and more severe rubs, especially on my hands, feet and knees. However, the higher I climbed, the more the environment lost its stability. It could be compared to the matter starting to evaporate and changing from a solid to a gas state. I noticed that when I focused on the still circulating energies, the environment became more stable. Climbing with constant concentration was quite difficult for me because the stairs had rough edges, sometimes sharp. In some places, the edges were crumbled, which resulted in catching a piece of rock and falling. A painful fall. Again I heard the warm – this time familiar – laughter carrying the words: “come to me, you can do it”. It was Lumin, whom I hadn’t met for a long time and whom I managed to miss. Recognizing Lumin gave me a lot of strength and willingness to continue climbing, which led me through dozens of steps. Falls and momentary blurs of matter no longer caused me worry or sadness. I accepted them with a smile and kept climbing until a piece of rock fell on my foot – which of course was not pleasant. At that point I became very distracted. The matter started to disintegrate at a very fast pace, which I was unable to stop. Then, Lumin came into action, who, like a deity, rose a dozen or so meters above me and appropriately systematized the energies circulating in this area and, as before, showed me how perfectly the energies can harmonize with him. Lumin’s eyes were then slightly larger than usual and were completely black. He lowered himself landing next to me. He was wearing the orange garb of a monk from the Shaolin Monastery. The brief moment of silence during which I watched him was broken by his words:

Lumin: yes, I used to be a monk and there I learned the basics of working or cooperating with energies.

Me: you don’t mean to tell me that I should become a monk too?

Lumin: no, there is no need for that. There really isn’t.

Lumin: Matthew, you need to clear your mind.

Me: Lumin, haven’t you been watching too much Matrix?

Lumin: – smiling – yes, I have watched a little, to be precise.

Me: I don’t know how to clear my mind, I don’t really know what it means to have a clear mind.

Lumin: to clear your mind means only that you have to focus tightly on your goal.

Me: I couldn’t contain my joy at the thought of meeting you

Lumin: I know, but meeting me wasn’t the goal, remember?

Me: You’re right. The purpose was to learn about energy flows

Lumin: yes. The goal set is the most important until it is achieved or changed. Again.

Once again I was at the bottom of the stairs, my body was regenerated. Another loop…I knew I just had to keep trying. About halfway up the monstrous stairs I heard Lupe’s voice: – well come on clumsy, we’re waiting for you at the top. My inner self was flooded by an ocean of thoughts: what do you mean, they know each other? How do they know each other? Matter began to disintegrate again, but I managed to focus on my goal in time. Despite a little excitement, I did not accelerate my climb – I knew that the energy reserves of my “physical” body were limited, so I had to dispose of the energy wisely. I also could not absorb the energy that surrounded me in any way. After climbing to the top, at the cost of many wounds and bruises, I saw Lupe and Lumin applauding me slowly. In their eyes I saw satisfaction that I had succeeded. I asked:

Me: ok, so you guys know each other?

Lumin: yes, yes, we know each other.

Lupe: I’m off. It was nice meeting you Lumin!

Me: why did she run away like that?

Lumin: probably because of some minor awkwardness. You’ll find out someday.

Me: well, someday, someday…

After quite a long conversation – which I will not quote here – my meeting with Lumin ended.

Climbing being focused, of course, did not fully develop the ability to be sensitive to energies. I have been practicing this skill for many years, although at times I have the impression that I am still in the learning process leading to full mastery of this ability.

Thanks to Wejsza & Bratu for the translation.

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