The first chapter of the book

A short introduction.

The final form of the first chapter of my book on astral journeys, called “turning points”, will be different – much more comprehensive. At the moment, I can’t publish it in full because some of the people I mention in this chapter are still taking their first steps on astral journeys, and I don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering certain flavors which at the same time confirm what they have felt since birth.

Author of the graphic: Stuart Lippincott

Chapter I: Farewell.

I awoke from a very long, meditative sleep. As I was coming to, I noticed that the Eria-the artificial body I had used in the Transitional Area-was beginning to unravel and fade away from my intention. I looked around and noticed a group of twenty or more entities sitting nearby, in one of the areas of a beautiful, harmonious, luminous city, which was an incredibly small part of the Transitional Area. After a while, I realized that in terms of physical time, we had spent decades to hundreds of years together in the Transitional Area. I also recalled that once the process of Eria’s disappearance was fully complete, we would have to begin our incarnation cycle in physicality.

I stood up and looked nostalgically at my companions with whom I shared a bond so strong that it is unimaginable in terms of physical life. In that moment, we were sharing all of our thoughts and emotions. Each of us knew that at the end of the cycle ahead of us we would come back here and decide whether to go to our source or stay in the Transitional Area again for a while. We felt the preciousness of this moment, knowing at the same time that the time we have left in this place in relation to the time we spent there together is as short as the last breath of a drowning man.
We went to a quiet place, full of unusual plants, which we called Glade after the beginning of our incarnation cycles. We made a kind of a bonfire there, whose flame was a tangle of white and green energy threads that produced a harmonious sound that lulled us with its metallic, liquid vibration. We knew that this powerfully nostalgic event would affect us so strongly that we would remember it throughout our pending physical lives around the corner, and would be our guidance whenever we began to lose our inner sense of meaning. We also knew that someday, in a physical reality, by a combination of innumerable coincidences and our inner sense of longing that would take us to heights of happiness or despair, we would one day run into each other.
Sitting around a heartwarming campfire, we talked a bit about our fears, and brought up various events that we had participated in during our existence in the Transitional Area. One of the activities we held around the campfire was an attempt to write down in our subconsciousness the words that we are not only physical bodies and cannot become attached to it, and that as we grow older we will be more and more inclined to reject all material possessions that are unnecessary to us, thus aiming for simplicity and minimalism in order to remember our last “home” in this way.

While we were in the Transitional Area, my friends and I chose nicknames tied to physicality, which reminded us by their meaning of the outline of the physical life ahead of us. Because of our peculiar sense of humor, we chose mostly names associated with the ancients: Greece and Rome.

I said: Sozont, are you ready? Come up to us, I won’t let you be the last one this time either- I joked. Damazy! I can’t wait to see how you are doing out there!

Damazy: – I’ll be probably ok. The right perspective takes time.

Me: – that’s right, let the wheels of time mesh properly. Lira, I wonder where your experiments in exploring free will are going to lead you this time.

Lira: – with a loud laugh – where no one else will want to get!

Chloe: are you ready? – I asked.

Yes, “she answered, “I will take one last look at you and jump in first, as I do not like long farewells.

I went up to her. She took my hand and whispered: “No worries, despite the difficulties, we have always succeeded. We will succeed this time too. Let’s be patient and not plan too much,” then she smiled widely and added: “and certainly not in a rigid way!”. After a while, she looked at me with her warm and understanding eyes then took a step back and fell into the energetic abyss that guided her astral body to the physical body in which she was to incarnate.
I turned back to the other beings. I could see that they were all both excited and deeply moved by what was happening at that moment.

I said: – Your Erie have now completely scattered. Are you all ready?

One by one, walking backwards – so that I could catch a glimpse of their last moments together – everyone fell into the correct tunnel. When I was left alone, I thought for a moment more about the entity we called Lumin. I knew that Lumin would be at our help whenever we needed it, which allowed me to look with confidence at what awaited our group. I did something like deep breathing with my astral body and suddenly I heard Lupe’s warm voice and her words: “good luck to you! We will be joining you soon.” I smiled at her in response and then also jumped into the abyss, which guided my journey for some, not long, time until I felt the warm, pleasant bonds of the physical body I had entered.

The first memory I remember of my early years is a sense of deep longing and nostalgia. A pompous nostalgia that many times in my life showed me new directions and that made it easier for me to make extreme decisions that in the end always led me to the goal I had once chosen for myself. It was thanks to this nostalgia that many years later the senders of my Higher -Self, as well as some of my “bon-fire” friends, had an easier task in starting the process towards – as I thought at that time – spontaneous leaving the physical body, thus experiencing a pure OOBE.

Thanks to Wejsza & Bratu for the translation.

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