Stranger in my mind

Author of the graphic: Matthew Attard

I. Introduction.

People meant as humanity instinctively feel fear of physical death, which they most consider to be end of everything, or at least the end of their current aspirations. I think people do not often consider what they can take with them after physical death. It’s obvious that we will not take anything that is material. Various religions and faihts tell us that we are take all our “good in moral sense deeds” (morally good achievements) but such point of view is very far from the truth.

People interested in astral projection , but who are not skilled travellers themselves can first associate it with for example Hollywood possessions as the greatest danger but in fact such threat does not exist.

Let us look at this from a different perspective; as travellers -Is it possible to loose already learnt abillities, acquired goods, the skills relevant to physical energies?
In this article I will answer this question intruducing, at the same time, one of the greatest threat awaiting for travellers who still have their physical bodies.

II. Far journey.

Author of the graphic: Stuart Lippincott

Date: 04.02.2011
My age: 22 years old

During one of our routine meetings with Lupe I learnt that the time has come to add a new ability to my poor pallet of energy management skills the understanding of which will be important for our upcoming journeys.

I met Lupe in the „Interstate” where I immediately sensed her emotions and the excitement of upcoming journey.

Lupe:  Will you route a flight?

Me: Any tips?

Lupe: We have to find a place where we could learn the energy which creates an entrance-bridge to physical reality for the new incarnating beings.

I focused on Lupe’s words and instantly countless routes leading to thousands of various places popped into my mind . I looked at Lupe and she glanced at me, as if to say “you decide”. “Chase me!”- I yelled just for fun and started quick shift-phasing between the areas. If anybody observed the whole scene he or she would see two beings flying very fast to a certain space and teleporting to another one and then flying for a while and shift phasing again. After a few- minute flight I decided to speed the pace and to my surprise I noticed that Lupe was not there. The first thought was – I overdid with gags so I began to focus on Lupe’s idents when suddenly I felt a strong energetic punch and someone shouting: “boo boo!”

Me: …I thought that…

Lupe:  Really? I was here first and started to feel bored waiting for you.

Me: We are almost there

Lupe: Yeah, I can feel that. Let’s get there.

A few moments later we landed in a deserted and ruined building, resembling old tiled swimming- pool adjusted to a sort of the theatre. Lupe made a few steps , looked at the surrounded us matter and then with the force of her will as she used to do in The Lim she knocked a piece of a stone wall over and when it was about to fall down she pulled it back to the previous state. Then she took a massive and damaged crystal chandelier away from the ceiling and tore it apart into small pieces making a spinning ring out of them which after a few seconds came together again this time as a brand new one and hung from the ceiling.

Me: I didn’t know that you have such powers in physical reality

Lupe: Not in ours, but this one isn’t ours and don’t forget about it as long as we are here. It resembles reality which we are used to but this one is created from different types of energy. Thanks to the ability of managing energies in our world, we can use this skill in a more conscious way here.

Me: I haven’t learnt it yet

Lupe: Yeah, you have, you have. You’ve been learning it unconsciously with every movement of your physical body, each involuntary breath and thought which came into your mind.

Me: My Higher Self mentioned it to me once.

Lupe: So, use his knowledge, because you won’t get a better one.

Me: But I am sure you will help me to understand it and use it more efficiently.

Lupe: [laughing] Yeah, I’ll try, you hardhead.

Lupe’s astral body began to change into a human shape. She walked along the big room we were in

Me: What are you doing?

Lupe: I’m exploring the energy structure of this place. We’ll stay here for a while so you can learn what you’ll need in our future journeys. However, we do not have much time, we need to hurry, because it is about to make us out of this frequency.

Lupe has always been very firm in expressing her opinions, and I prefer not to discuss with her but rely on her knowledge and experience.

Me: Have you ever been here?

Lupe: No. We won’t do anything while we are in our astral bodies. We have to take a physical form. Imagine as if you were in the Lim and tried to create some artificial matter. Focus and try to see the energy that surrounds us as you’ve been already taught
I was focused in one direction turning inward. I felt a painful sound in my self and saw a flash of a white light. When the light faded I started to notice floating tiny bids of colourful energies which were creating sort of strings in the air. The colourful dust mixed with other colours sparkling and the distorted again making a strange sound.

Lupe: Ok. Stay still and imagine that you have a physical body but do not think about its personal features. The energy makes you have the exact body you need in this area.
After a while the energies started to flow towards me and then made a shape of a male body at the age of mid twenties. It wasn’t the body I knew from my world though. Lupe formed her body as well.

Me: Why don’t we put some clothes on?

Lupe: Yeah, but I don’t know what to wear. We need to find out

Me: Our bodies look almost the same as those we have on Earth

Lupe: [laughing] Take a deep breath – she said

I did that and felt that my lungs are located at my back and felt them all over it

Lupe: The inner structure of the body is different.

Our new bodies were slim with brownish iris. I came closer to a high hole in the wall which used to be a window. I noticed some inhabitants walking along this place and talking

Me: How about the clothes they are wearing?

Lupe noded and we formed them. They looked like our thermal clothing.

Lupe: We already have the bodies. Now It’s time to find out something about the inhabitants

Me: I bet we will need a plenty of time for that. What do you have to know?

Everything – Lupe said to me and blinked- It will be easy and funny! After you, the navigator

Me: It’s good to see you in a nice mood. Something tells me it won’t last long

Having heard the word “navigator” I awoke my sense which mapped the path with colourful lines we should take to get to all beings we need to contact

Lupe: Do you understand now? You already have all of these skills. You don’t need to learn them from the beginning. It would be a waste of time. You just should recall and switch them on. What we are looking for is not your hidden memory package but your individual plugs which you need to switch to awake your former senses
We left the building and walked past the beings who my nawigation sense pointed at. Being close to them I saw the energy going aroud them. Lupe told me we can gather all the information about them interacting with their forms of energy.

I asked Lupe if these beings can interact with our energies

Lupe: No – she said – their current incarnation resembles humans. We control better their energy because we have already learnt that

Me: So, we are here super heroes for them

Lupe: Perhaps [a bit embarrassed]- yeah, you super hero

When I got in touch with the energetic cloud of one the passing being I knew everything about it. I sensed all emotions and experience this being went through as well as the details of its life and current desires. We were exhausted after an hour walk. We also learnt their language and the way to live in their reality

Me: Lupe, why don’t we rent a room in the nearest hotel and rest a bit?

Lupe: How do you want to pay for that?

Me: I focused on my hand and the item appeared on it which the beings used as their currency

Lupe: No. We won’t interfere this way in their world

Me: But you admit we need to rest. What do you suggest then?

Lupe: We will find a safe and quiet place where we can rest. Lead us I used my navigation sense again and already knew where to go. After a long walk we approached close to a big lake on suburbs with no plants and no shelter.

Me: What now?

Lupe: Come closer

She held me tightly and made a transparent cube around us and sank it in the lake. We were inside it.

Me: Aren’t you afraid someone could see us?

Lupe: You have your navigation sense I have mine connected with sensing other beings. Nobody has seen us so we can rest in peace.

Lupe made a comfortable thermal conditions inside the cube. We lay down on the soft floor and fell asleep. When I woke up I saw three beings looking like inhabitants of this planet. I woke Lupe immediately

One of the being said- you made a huge mistake falling asleep here. I am Limp and these are Tirp and Gurp – introducing his companions.
Lupe looked at it the way I already knew what it meant. She smiled a bit, lowered her head and glazed at it. She alwas did that when she had to deal with a stranger.

Tirp: Easy, we are not your enemies. We knew you would come. We are travellers as you are… but a different type.

Me: How did you know we were coming? It wasn’t a planned visit.

Limp:  And how did you know you should come to the lake? We also have some skills.

Lupe:  You mentioned we shouldn’t sleep here. Can you explain that please?

Tirp: The longer you are here the more difficult it will be to leave the place. A shift in phasing your consciousness while you are asleep here angles you more in this place

Me: Does that mean it would be difficult to leave the place?

Trip: You will become a part of it

Lupe: I see. You said you are travellers of different kind. What did you have in mind?

Gurp: We take part in birth planning here.

I didn’t exactly know what he was talking about but I thought he must be a local Casanova. Lupe turned her head looking at me for a while laughingly – she thought the same.

Limp: Fly with us

Our new friends lay down on the floor, smoothly separating from their physical bodies. We could see their astral bodies and their gestures indicating that we were doing what they were doing. We left our “new” physical bodies much easier than in terrestrial physicality, and flew after them.
They led us to a woman, the representative of thier civilization, who was in her late pregnancy. They instructed us just to observe , not to do anything. One of them took the spinning ring of energy floating in their „Interstate”. A few moments later everything started to crack as if we were stepping into a frozen puddle. Suddenly everything exploded and we could watch the scene as if we were in our physical bodies. Some of the pieces of energy emerged after the explosion and were drifting like pieces of glass in space. They were gathering at one point like drops on the pane of the window and when one drop made a shade of different colours it drifted towards a woman’s belly. When the energy drop soaked into a woman, the babies-the fourth of them, started to move rappidly I glanced at Lupe and noticed that Gurp disappeared. While we were watching the whole scene Gurp came into the room back in his physical body. He was cheerful. It’s time to deliver your babies-he said. After these words Trip and Lim led us again to the sunk cube and asked to come back to our physical bodies.

Lupe: What was that what we have just seen? Is this the way you create new travellers?

Limp: No. This is the way we open the incarnation gate for a new being. If it hadn’t been for us this woman would deliver dead children. Our space is not tightly filled with life energy like yours. It used to be, but now we are finishing our incarnation circles and we have to cope with it differently

Me: Is this what your doctors do?

Limp: No. Nobody, who isn’t an astral traveller knows what we do. Unfortunatelly the life would grow here far rare. I must admit with a regret that we can’t always help. There is very few of us. You are right that Gurp is here kind of a doctor

Lupe: How did you manage to survive as a civilization?

Limp: We live here approximately up to 600 or 700 years in terms of your life-time.

Me: Why don’t you want to show up? Wouldn’t that be easier for you?

Trip: We would be the ones to blame for all the miscarriages, and the pressure put on us would not help us in any way. We prefer to live our lives like others. We have our families and our lives.

Lupe: We know that, don’t we? – she looked at me

Me: yeah

After a moment of reflection

Trip: Would you like to help us and learn how to manage such types of energy?

Lupe: With pleasure. That’s the reason we have come here

We travelled together for about couple of weeks. We felt a profound happiness each time we bent the energy using the force of our will to create a tunnel which enabled to incarnate new beings into a physical body. I have never seen Lupe to be so happy and humble to see this. Each new-born touched her deeply and made her smile.
Our free time from work with this specific form of energy we spent in the physical bodies we created in that space. We met different inhabitatants of that place, who were very hospitable. They often shared with us the philosophy they followed in their lives. They told us about their every day matters, their problems as well as their desires. They treated us as if we were part of their world and we identified with them. We treated the energy of that world as ours and started to forget we were humans from different astral area
One day when we were passing by the couple I read from the thought cloud that the man suffered form a very seriuos incurable disease

Me: Lupe, why don’t we try to help him? May our skills finally take on any heroism.

Lupe: do you think it’s heroic to interfere in this world like this?

Me: I believe that if we have the opportunity to help , it is worth it to do so.

Lupe: you’re being too quick to judge certain situations. Our presence here is already quite an intrusion. Even if their entire civilization were to extinct and we could save them with the push of a magic button, we could not do so. All we encounter here are their natural cycles, which they set for themselves in order to fulfill their incarnation plan. We cannot change them… All we encounter here are their natural cycles, which they set for themselves in order to fulfill their incarnation plan. We can’t change them.

Me: but our work with local life energy strongly interferes with this structure

Lupe: Note that we are only doing what Trip and the rest allow us to do. We do nothing more.

One day, in order to complete another energy lesson Lupe told me that she had a problem separating from her temporary physical body. This was only possible after a few attempts, even though this process was very easy for us before.

Lupe: I feel that something is wrong, I think we should leave this area now. Its energies are already binding our astral bodies too much.

Me: how can this end up for us?

Lupe: many serious problems if we are not careful. Can you fight the emotional attachment to this place and these beings?

Me: – not realizing the risk and my own incompetence I answered – Yes. I can.

Lupe: so mark my words carefully. Excess of anything is a poison, not a gift. If you feel anything bothering you, just tell me right now, okay?

Me: okay.


The weeks that followed made me literally fall in love with this place. It was addictive for us, and what we were doing made our actions very meaningful. Lupe, however, was able to handle her emotions and attachment very well but I wasn’t. We spent a lot of time with Limp, Trimp and Gurp, and their families and friends. No one knew we were travellers and, although we shared everything, as travellers we found that we have a lot of in common. We had a good understanding of our motivations in many activities, including the moral factors, approach to the activities performed, and philosophies governing the astral world areas that we knew together. Over time, we met other travellers who lived in that area. They were unique to us, very highly individual – the opposite, for example, to my “camp-fire group”, where we often have the same or similar characteristics. The mechanism of attachment was also amplified by the unique flora of this place. Extraordinary plants were living in close symbiosis with the inhabitants of the planet, while showing many characteristics of self-awareness. The beings I met there soon became my friends.
As soon as I noticed that, I told Lupe. She told me that I had made a big mistake and I have to do something about it as soon as possible, because new, flourishing emotions will make me an enemy to myself soon, and I will feel my present, human self as a stranger in my head.
On the same day, in our cube, Lupe informed me that we needed to talk.


Lupe: I have to ask you a very important question. Focus and answer. Do you still feel a human, or would you like us to stay here much longer?

It took several measurable weeks for the memories associated with my physical life on Earth to fade away like the memory of an old, unimportant dream.


Me: I don’t want to go back to Earth. I want to stay here.

Lupe: tell me in a few sentences about what you did on Earth as a human being and what your life was like.


I couldn’t give Lupe a straight answer to that question. Memories associated with my childhood, adolescence and later, were mixed in my consciousness, I couldn’t put them into a chronological order, and therefore I was not able to determine the weight of some events that took place in my physical life on Earth.
Lupe, seeing and understanding my embarrassment, asked next question.


Lupe: What is your first memory as a human being, and which is your last?

Me: my first memory is saying goodbye to beings close to me, which took place in the Transition Area.

At that moment I sensed Lupe’s rapid breathing and saw the slight fear in her eyes


Lupe: I didn’t think you were already in such a state. Tell me, is the Transitional Area part of our physicality?

Me: I don’t know. I can’t answer that question.

Me: and my last memory – after a long moment of reflection – I think my last memory was related to my Matura Exam, the moment I wrote it. Wait! No, I remember receiving the results with my friends and we celebrated afterwards. Only… was that celebration real or was it just a dream? I can’t tell the difference.

Lupe: You passed your Matura Exam and celebrated it for a long time, I congratulated you myself on your success. Do you know what happened after the celebration?

Me: no, the deeper I go into it, the more I feel that my life experience was a dream, an unreal creation that I made up myself.

Lupe: each area which is similar to physicality is an artificial creation, the same as the events we take part in. But you have to distinguish between those that affected only you, without affecting the whole system, because only those can be treated as delusions.

Me: So I would say that my whole physical life was a delusion, and I am a part of this world, not that one on Earth.
After my words, Lupe started crying in a heartbreaking way. She fought it, but she couldn’t hold back her negative emotions. She knew that I was in a very bad condition and that she would not be able to help me. She started to panic and call Lumin out in different ways, but he did not appear. From my perspective, I didn’t feel that anything bad had happened and I did not understand Lupe’s behaviour.

Lupe: you are losing your identity. This is one of the worst things that can happen to travellers. Even in the most pessimistic scenarios I didn’t consider it. We’ve been through this before, except it was about Blet … who hasn’t visited any other physical area since that. Physical death, pain, suffering is nothing compared to the loss of identity. Losing your identity means that you will not be able to return “home” without learning the energies that make up our physical world from the beginning. If your present body dies, you will be suspended in a vacuum for a very long time, and I do not know how I could free you from this state.

Lupe tried to call Lumin again with anger and helplessness out, but he did not answer.


Lupe: neither I nor you can stay here. We cannot take even a crumb from this place, only our memories can remain with us. I want to make sure that you understand me correctly. This place is meant to be our memories, not the life in our physicality. For us this world is just a meaningless point and that is how you should see it. Our present home and our identity is the physical universe, the Earth. This is where we live. Do not lose this thought.
Lupe’s words caused me to sink deeper and deeper into my self, phasing between physicality and the Interstate of that area. At one point I quickly returned to that body and fell face down on the ground. After waking up in an area resembling Limu (it was Limu assigned to that physicality) I immediately noticed and sensed Lumin. He informed me that we had to get to work right away because Lupe was waiting for me. Lumin helped me to remember that I was a human. He brought back all the memories and emotions that I needed to relive – both the good and the bad ones, those that were close to me and those that I preferred to forget. The whole encounter with Lumin lasted, in my opinion, several hours and was one of the least pleasant experiences I have had so far.
When I woke up, I found Lupe sitting in the corner of the cube curled up. The environment was completely different; we were no longer under water.

I asked: where are we?

Lupe as soon as she heard my words ran up throwing herself around my neck, holding me so tightly that I could hardly breathe. After a long moment she let me go asking: do you know how long I waited for you here? An eternity, I think. I was dying here of boredom and helplessness. Then she helped me up and told me about the landscapes seen through the walls of the cube.

Me: why didn’t you just return to your physical body on Earth?

Lupe: someone must have been watching you here. I knew that Lumin had arrived, and would have failed in his task if your current physical body had ceased to function (read: died). Besides, we’ve been friends for a very long time, we’ve been through a lot together, and we still have a lot ahead of us. If I had left you here, I would have erased everything we’ve worked together during thousands of our expeditions.

I cannot describe how I felt when I realised how much care and dedication Lupe had shown. From my perspective, my encounter with Lumin was relatively brief, whereas from Lupe’s perspective, it lasted exactly as long as my years on Earth. I asked Lupe what she had been doing for those 22 years, but she told me evasively that she had been exploring and learning about the area. I also asked what would have happened to me if, during Lumin’s actions, that physical body had ceased to function, but to this day I have not received an answer to that question – even though Lupe knows it.

From my current perspective, I think it is likely that my physical body would have fallen into a coma from which it would not have been able to awaken for a long time (or perhaps forever).

III. Return to physicality.

Author of the graphic: Stuart Lippincott

I woke up in my physical body. The clock on the wall said I’d only been gone for two hours.I felt something was wrong. I understood that I was “again” human and that world was not mine, but at the same time I still felt the need to finish the things I was doing there. I was overwhelmed with emotions I couldn’t handle. I didn’t see the point in everyday, mundane activities. They did not bring me joy, nor did they lead to happiness. Things that used to be important to me and to which I devoted myself suddenly began to seem shallow and meaningless to me.

I still felt a strong attachment to the “other” world and to the “those” beings. I missed them for months, even though I realized I had to live in the here and now and leave that phase behind.

I remembered Lupe saying that I could feel a part of myself as a stranger in my mind. At this moment I fully understood her words. The stranger in my mind was myself, or rather the part of me that had been improperly processed and that strongly influenced my perception of reality. And Lupe helped me with this problem, during e-mail therapy that stretched over many months, by the way, to this day, she has not billed me for it. Thanks to her professional approach, I was able to remove this “stranger” from my head, and my consciousness again merged into one coherent whole. I also began to see sense again and to derive joy from mundane things, which was necessary so that I could continue to achieve the goals that I set for myself as a traveler.

IV. Traveller's identity.

The identity we identify with is an integral part of our consciousness, which we have during physical incarnation. A sudden loss of identity can lead to the loss of some of our experiences and skills, including the ability to work with energies, even those for which we decide to incarnate in a given physicality. The sense of identity, understood as identification with the place of anchoring in a given astral area (in the case of people, this is our physicality), is a matter that we should always keep in mind when we go to other physical areas in which we intend to stay for a long time.

Astral areas that function as “other physicalities” are the most dangerous for terrestrial (or simply physical) travelers in terms of loss of identity, because we instinctively identify with such areas, quickly recognizing them as our natural, although their energy structure may be different.

Having learned from this experience, I know that the moment when we begin to identify with another physical area and begin to treat it, even to a minimal extent, as our own, is the moment when we should let go; even though the very thought of letting go can be difficult for us. Perhaps, sometimes you will have to fight with yourself to let go, but it is not that what we do as travelers in many of our development steps. I will cite a mundane, socially boring topic that can be, for example, romance in the workplace. I think that people who enter into such a relationship do not plan anything at first, have ordinary conversations, and some boundaries are crossed, perhaps at a very slow pace, until one day these people begin to feel a state of desire or/and love. The only way not to fall into a trap that closes with each passing day and is not visible from the beginning, is simply a sharp interruption of the process. Similarly, when traveling, you should immediately return to the physical body, with a valuable lesson that can be used during the next distant expedition.

In the context of travel, as you can see, the biggest enemies for each other, we are always ourselves.

Thanks to Wejsza & Bratu for the translation.

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