Experiencing the state of OOBE and exploring astral space means putting oneself into the role of a student. It is worthwhile to be humble, to assume nothing, and what is most important, it is worth to find the answers, to the questions that will face us, on our own. The struggle for freedom and development never ends, so it is a good idea to start by being ally with yourself.

I. Introduction.

I’ll start simply 🙂 Let’s not blame anyone for what surrounds us. Everything we experience we owe to ourselves and we had chosen it for ourselves before we started our present physical life. We cannot put our guilt or our choices on other people. Many people believe that large corporations are destroying the environment, not us. However, corporations are polluting the environment/atmosphere because we ourselves, knowingly buy their products. Let’s stop doing that, then they will stop polluting. We can make trenches in our lives where we hide from the evil or injustice around us, but we don’t live to entrench ourselves… and we don’t live to not take responsibility for our lives. Mrs Grace Hopper, Rear Admiral of the US Navy and one of the first significant female programmers said:

„A ship standing in port is safe, but ships are not built to stand in ports.”

Blaming others for our actions is a denial of the essence of life. Descriptively simple and difficult to implement advice is to be self-reliant and desire to be so. People generally desire freedom, while forgetting that freedom is responsibility and self-reliance.

It is moving to see how many people want to live out their physical days so that someone else, e.g. God, will take responsibility and look after them – and it all boils down to a lack of inner need to be independent. Let us first learn how to take care of ourselves, then everything we do will be more complete and devoid of the leftist view according to which we deserve something just because we exist. This is not so, we only deserve what we earn ourselves (and this applies to all planes of existence). If it were otherwise, then all existence in physical space would lose it’s meaning.

I learned about the importance of self-reliance during my first meetings with MHS. At that time I didn’t grasp the essence of this matter, but today I know and fully understand that if anyone wants to develop spiritually, they must also comprehend the meaning of self-reliance.

Enough of philosophy being a background, time for a bit of specifics, because I have an impression that I do not write much strictly about my travels, so it is time to make up for it 🙂 . We are slowly getting into the subject matter that ends the idyllic period of telling about OOBE.

II. Storm.

Author of the graphic: Yuri Shepherd
Date: around 2006
My age: 17 years

One of my first encounters with MHS.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: You will have to be self-reliant. However, you will never be alone in what you do.

Me: Does that mean I can always count on you? I've only just met you, I don't want to be on my own, I want a teacher who will guide me step by step over all these hills and answer the probably huge number of questions that will be born in my head.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: You will find the answers to all the questions yourself, I will only be your signpost.

Me: So the fear that accompanies me constantly will not disappear?

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: It will disappear one day - when you decide that you no longer need it.

Me: Great... but after all I would prefer not to do everything by myself, I don't feel confident enough in this matter [OOBE] yet.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: You are wayward, disobedient and at the same time you don't want to be independent? - He said this with a smile on his lips. I will always be behind your back, but that doesn't mean that when you turn around you will see me.

Me: How am I supposed to understand that? Can't you just help me get past the rough roads by leaving only the ... hmm ... nice ones?

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: I can, but you don't want that, hold on [to the boat] tight!

The voice of MHS suddenly stopped. A strong flash, a change of perspective. I am on a small sailboat, all around me nothing but the overwhelming vastness of the water. The horizon is just beautiful, gentle clouds. Also gentle is the wind that I feel on my face. I verbalized the question, "am I alone here?" I felt someone put a hand on my right shoulder. I quickly turned around to see if it was my Higher Self, but I don't see anyone. - Ok, man, I can' t actually see you, but I understand that you are there? A wave of warm vibrations went through my body, then the feeling of someone's hand on my shoulder disappeared. A small, dark cloud appeared in the hitherto blue sky, which grew very quickly and covered the whole sky. I thought that if there was a storm, I would be dead, because I don't know how to steer a sailboat. I looked around and saw some ropes, some hitches, but I didn't know what to do with them. A few moments later I felt the first drop of rain on my face, and a moment later it was raining so hard that I couldn't see anything but it. Then I heard a question: - are you afraid? I replied that a little bit, because I don't know what to do? Try to put up the sail, or maybe the opposite? Should I leave it as it is and try to secure it so that the wind doesn't blow it away? Probably if I knew how to sail I would feel calmer. A strong flash, another change of perspective. I'm still on my boat, safe and sound, and the sky is blue again, and there are lots of boats like mine around me. One person sits on each boat and each one is happy, excited. One of the people asks me: - how was it, are you OK? Great that you made it! - I felt slightly confused, because nothing actually happened to me that was difficult or exciting enough for me to be entitled to empathise with the excitement of the people around me. Flash forward, a change of perspective again. I am standing in front of MHS again, in a familiar place.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: And how was it?

Me: I don't know, I don't understand what happened to me.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: When you started to get scared I helped you, so I lived through your experience for you, but know that only one of us can live through it, either you or me.

Me: So I understand that something important happened, but at the moment when I lost consciousness for a moment you came into play and directed what was happening?

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: Exactly.

Me: But hey, you stole my experience - I replied with a smile.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: That's what you wanted, that's how things happen when you reject independence.

At that moment I felt a wave of emotion rising in me, which could have been expressed by crying as a result of a mixture of understanding, emotion and helplessness, but I managed to suppress it slightly.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: Are you ready to go through this experience alone?

Me: well, okay, but I still can't say...

Blinding flash. I'm on the boat again, and I feel a supportive hand on my shoulder. I quickly turn around:

- aargh, he's gone again - I said to myself. I looked around, but it's beautiful and peaceful here. I don't need anything else, I feel free. In an instant, lightning pierced the entire sky. A lot of thoughts rushed through my head, I knew the storm was about to start, so I had to make proper use of the quiet time. I looked around my boat noticing several ropes and a coiled sail. I started to pull on one of the ropes and the sail went up. A quick thought: - Are you sure this sail should be set? Maybe if I put it up, I will sail through the coming storm faster? I asked these questions hoping that answers would appear in my head - but they didn't. One of the ropes was attached to a stationary part of the sailboat, so I decided to tie it around my waist so that if the boat rocked during the storm, I wouldn't fall off. Another thought: - what if I fall off? A verbal answer popped into my head: then you can quit, or start the attempt again. A few minutes passed, during which my stress began to grow - in proportion to the size of the dark clouds that covered the entire sky. This time, however, the rain began to fall much more gently, the first drop, next one, but it was not very oppressive. I felt it might not be so bad, but at the same moment something hit one of the sides of my boat very hard.

- Uf, somehow I am still holding on.

Another blast, even harder, followed by a series of smaller blows from different sides, at which I bounced like a rag doll on different parts of the boat. For a moment it became quiet again. I felt pain. I put two fingers in my mouth and saw blood on them. A series of successive strokes, after which I coughed spitting out another portion of blood. The pain was real and true. My body felt tired. I didn't want this, I preferred to stop the experience, but at the same time I knew it had to be mine, from beginning to the very end. No one can live it for me - I didn't want to let that happen. I began to wonder if I had made good use of the time, when the sky was still calm and the wind almost zero. At the mere thought of the wind, it grew stronger. I knew I had no chance against this element. A moment later, the wind tore the sail and within a few seconds it was so far away on the horizon line that I stopped seeing it. Another blow to the boat and another dose of pain throughout my body. The wind was blowing so hard that even the raindrops, carried by it and hitting me, were causing me pain. I no longer had the strength to hold on to the ropes, from which my hands were bloodied. The shade of my skin was a white-blue, the chill and cold pierced every muscle in my body. This ordeal lasted for several dozen minutes. As a result of the exhaustion, pain, powerlessness and helplessness, a thought entered my head:

- after all, this piece of meat is not me, this body is fragile and is part of the boat because it comes from the same world as it. I am something more.

At this point my body began to regenerate. Blood started to flow to the places it flowed from, my muscles started to gain energy and develop at such a fast pace that I started to feel some kind of pain and discomfort - but this feeling quickly passed and I became a super fit muscleman. My energy reserve was huge, I knew that from now on I was the master of the boat and the wind was no longer my enemy but my ally. It changed direction, I turned back to assess the situation and when I looked ahead again, I was relieved to see that my boat had a sail again. I gripped the rope tightly with my hand, braided it around my forearm, and tried to keep the sail in one direction - although I didn't know if that direction was right. The wind didn't die down and the rope kept cutting into my hand, but this time it didn't hurt it anymore and even though it was very tight, I could easily keep the sail at one angle.

The struggle with the wind, water and myself continued for another few dozen minutes, after which I began to notice that I was leaving the stormy space. The sky was becoming blue again, and the warm rays of light dried my body. Even though I felt very tired, the feeling of happiness that filled me made the fatigue not very troublesome. After a while, other boats began to emerge from behind the light mist. There were hundreds of them, covering everything I saw around me. From that moment on, I saw my surroundings from two perspectives simultaneously - from my eye level and from above, from a bird's eye view. Again I heard the question someone had already asked me: how was it, are you OK? Great that you did it! With a little pride I looked into the man's eyes and.... I noticed that it was me. I started to look at the other boats, and on each of them was me. Some of the boats had no sails, some were more damaged, others less. On some I was covered in blood, on others I was fully relaxed. I said: yes, everything is fine, it's great that we made it. I felt at one with everything around me. I also knew that each of them had had similar experiences and that everyone had made it, which united us even more. In the eyes of each "me", I could see peace and admiration for the surroundings. After a while, I started to feel a little tired of the situation, and then there was a flash of warm, white light and I found myself at MHS again.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: Do you understand now?

Me: Yes, I think I do. I don't want you to experience for me what awaits me. It has to be my experience. But I don't understand why there was so much of myself there from different versions of events.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: I spared you remembering the experience of that moment hundreds of times, you remember it as one experience.

Me: Why were there so many of them? Was it only the one I remember now that was perfect or right?

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: They were all perfect and they were all right because they were all yours and they were all self-contained.

Me: Why do you actually leave this particular one in my memory?

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: It was perfect and it was right, but what made it stand out was that you yourself, independently, understood that what's material is not part of you, and that's what this assignment was about.

Me: So is this how my learning will be?

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: You will have more difficult and easier experiences. This was easy, but regardless of their difficulty each one will give you something that no one - not even me - can give you. Deep understanding always comes from within ourselves; no one can communicate it to us in such a way that we fully understand it without having experienced it.

I've had countless such lessons, and when I was in the midst of things, I never received answers to my questions or help with either trivial matters or those that made me want to give up. No matter how I said them or tried to pray, the answer or help never came. Over time, however, I began to understand that all these experiences had to be fully mine. Fully meaning 100, not 99.999 percent. Help summoned by questions or prayer would interfere with the natural course of events - during which I must be simply independent. In our daily life, we can only receive possible help if it does not disturb the plan - which we have previously established for ourselves.

III. Trees.

Author of the graphic: Quentin Bouilloud
I will describe one of the lessons, which was also one of the first - perhaps this will give you an additional perspective on the issues in this article. It took place after the storm lesson, a few days later.

[ignore]MHS[ignore]: Would you like another lesson where I teach you to jump?

Me: Jump? All right, so be it.

Flash, change of perspective and environment. I'm in a very tall tree - on Earth such trees don't exist. I could compare the environment to that of the Amazon. Lots of vibrant, dense greenery, animal sounds, very humid air.

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: All you have to do is jump from one tree to another.

He pointed out to me the tree he had in mind. It was a few dozen metres away.

Me: Haven't you seen too much of Matrix? I can't jump that far.

If anyone has not seen the film, entitled Matrix, I will tell you in just two words that I jokingly referred to the scene in which the main character, Neo, was to try to free his mind from the binding laws of physics, and the test consisted in the fact that Neo, standing on the roof of a skyscraper, was to believe that he could jump to the roof of another, distant skyscraper. Ultimately, the first jump failed and Neo fell, crashing to the ground.

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: You can do it, you can do it.

Me: Ok Neo open your mind, physicality doesn't exist, this jump will work.

I prepared myself, took a breath, but unfortunately the jump failed and I fell. I was in a lot of pain and I had a long way to go to climb a ladder placed by a tree. The injuries to my body involved in this illusion were considerable, so climbing the tree by the ladder of several dozen metres was quite a challenge. Once I was at the top my body completely recovered in an instant and the pain was gone. I said:

Me: Neo probably finished better.

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: But you are not him, and this lesson is not just about jumping.

Me: No? You could have told me earlier, I would have gone down the ladder and climbed another one to the tree you indicated.

Higher Self, laughed and said: I like your mind a lot but your job is to make it even nicer.

Me: All right, I'd love to climb that tree, but how about some theoretical help from you?

My Higher Self at that moment gave me a large stone, which I could hardly hold in my hands. I thought to myself that perhaps in an illogical way this large stone was meant to help me. I held it firmly in my hands and jumped. I fell with even greater momentum hitting not only the ground but also the stone. I wanted to give up at that moment, but Higher Self shouted to me from above:

- You have already been through this lesson once and you succeeded. Do you want to give up and should I do it for you?

I still remembered well the lesson related to the storm, so I refused and, trying to be incurably obstinate, I climbed the tree again.

Ja: Naprawdę nie rozumiem co mam zrobić, wymagasz ode mnie chyba zbyt wiele. Daj mi proszę pomoc w innej formie, tak, abym dokładnie wiedział co mam robić.

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: Very well, I will be happy to help you.

At this point he gave me an even larger stone, which I managed to hold on to for only a moment, after which I placed it on the spreading branches on which we were standing.

Me: What is the purpose of this? I'm sure I'll fall with this stone too.

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: So don't ask me for stones, because with every request you make you will receive bigger and bigger stones.

I stood, I wanted to gather all my strength to jump as far as I could, but I stopped and said:

Me: I already understand. This lesson wasn't about jumping as you said, it was about self-reliance and how, contrary to my expectations, doing something by myself will ultimately be easier and more complete for me, but couldn't you have taught me this in a more accessible and less painful way?

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: From among the tools available to me, I always choose the ones that are most effective.

Me: Even if they turn out to be sadistic?

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: You are on a training ground. You are in no danger here, and a fall here will be less painful than those you would suffer in a place without me. If you were a docile lamb, I would sit with you around the campfire and talk about philosophy in complete harmony. But we are not docile lambs so we have to use other methods.

Flash, change of environment. We're probably in the same place, but no longer on a tree. We're walking through a thicket of vegetation, which Higher Self cuts out with a machete. I follow him, suddenly we stop, Higher Self turns to me and says:

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: It would be very difficult for us to pass here if we didn't have this machete. Almost all your actions will be passing through dense thickets. But your machete will be your independence. Think for yourself, be self-reliant, don't ask for help because you don't need it, everything you need is within yourself. Your individual toolkit is the best of all available and no one will give you a better one. Learn to use it and the bushes will move away by themselves, creating a comfortable path for you.

Me: It's a bit sad that I shouldn't ask for help; perhaps I'm misunderstanding the issue, but isn't it all about helping others?

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: Of course. Help others, but don't ask for help yourself.

Me: Isn't that a bit of a denial of the unity you told me so much about?

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: No. Mutual interactions are not necessary, the unilateral ones are enough. Not everyone has the opportunity here and now to experience what you experience, but one day that will change, and then no one will have to ask for help anymore.

Me: What will happen then?

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: Humanity is evolving and will be on the right path of further development.

Me: Well, but as a human, nowadays, sometimes I have to ask for help, I can't always do everything myself, and on top of that I'm still a teenager, and I also think that not every request has to be expressed in the form of a request, so you can get a bit confused.

[ignore]MHS[/ignore]: Treat your physical life and your present astral existence as two, independent aspects of yourself. While you are here, be self-reliant, for as I have already told you, you have the tools to do this. As a human being you do not have them, so if necessary ask for and accept help, but remember that your perception is the result of what you do in physicality and what you do in astral space and they influence each other. Try to perceive yourself in terms of not who you are or what surrounds you, but what you can do in the moment and what tools you have access to. Also learn to separate everyday situations that are not related to your development from those that lead to the expansion of your knowledge and perception, because, as you are probably beginning to understand, self-reliance is only supposed to be about the latter.

IV. Prayer and the regress of development.

Whenever, instead of evolving and accepting with humility what we get, we ask for someone to solve the problem for us, or when we ask for a change in our path because, not knowing the bigger picture, we think that what we get is meaningless pain and suffering, we are on the verge of regress of development.

So is there any point in praying at all? The answer to this question is not easy, because it depends on the context in which we ask it. If we are asking to be given the tools in order to use them ourselves, then the request makes sense. This does not mean, however, that we will always receive such tools – because if receiving them would disturb our path of development, no one will listen to our prayer. On the other hand, if we ask for things which are supposed to make someone live for us, then also, definitely no one will answer.

In some situations, however, it is worth asking simply to show us the right way – and if someone answers our request/prayer, then we will be sure that it has happened.

V. How to develop yourself.

Development is a very general term and what I’ll write here will not apply in every possible situation and context, but it will certainly be fully applicable to self-development concerning very generally understood matters related to the experience of OOBE. Those who follow either the Polish or worldwide OOBE scene will easily notice that most people experiencing this phenomenon talk a lot about emotions or love directly, but do not focus on the mechanisms that are responsible for their experiences. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but by focusing only on what is easy and pleasant, achieving an OOBE state will quickly cease to be of greater value to us, as we will not see the enormity of the issues that will affect us, which we will trivialise exactly by not understanding them – the result of which may also be erroneous conclusions that will take us away from the proper study of this phenomenon. Absorbing the energy we receive while in the astral body will only make us recipients, and this is not what development is about. We must be observers.

It is therefore worth looking at the details and trying to understand them. It is worth to repeat certain actions and to analyze received results. If – being in the astral body – we start to feel strongly that given behaviors or actions make sense, let us not give up if after the first or tenth time we do not succeed in what we intend to do. A small child who is just learning to walk, will fall down hundreds of times before it starts to walk. Later on, he will fall many more times before he has mastered this activity to a satisfactory degree, and yet he does not give up because he feels that acquiring this skill is important and useful.

So keep honing your skills and do not assume that anything you already know how to do, you do completely well and that it cannot be done better. The moment you reach the limit of perfection, you will notice it and your reward will be everything you have learned while striving for this limit.

Try to approach the problems you encounter from different perspectives, probably in many cases the solution will be very easy and you will come up with it yourself.

Don’t worry about regressions either, because they don’t exist in the astral plane. It is not possible to make a step back, so if something comes easily to you in the past (for example, leaving the physical body), and after some time it changes, it only means that somebody (probably, your Higher Self), encourages you to independence, which will allow you to better examine what you thought that you already knew – just like a parent who lets his/her child go and allows him/her to make some steps on his/her own, even if it could end with a fall or some bruise.

To conclude this post, I will write by creating a loop that we should remember to be independent whenever we have the opportunity, but we should also always remember that we will never be alone in our self-reliance, because there will always be the hand of someone on our shoulder who cares about us becoming better.

Thanks to Wejsza & Bratu for the translation.

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