Whether to experience an OOBE or not and how to do it?

In my first words I need to get a few facts straight. Some people after watching my videos think that my aim is to promote OOBE and teach others how to do it. But the truth is quite different. Many of the things that fulfill my purpose are aimed at people who spontaneously, without their own interference, start to experience the OOBE state and don’t quite know what to do next. I had the same dilemma over 15 years ago. I also started to experience the state of OOBE spontaneously, I did not ask for it and at the beginning experiencing OOBE was a big problem for me.

This does not mean, however, that I am closed to people who feel the need to explore this state on their own, but I will never myself persuade anyone to try to achieve the state of OOBE.

I. The Green and the Blue.

I have made some classification of people who want to deal with the idea of OOBE, and I am obliged to write a few words about my decision and why I made this classification.

Group 1 (Green colour): People who begin to awaken without their own initiative. This is because in one of their previous incarnations they were able to separate themselves from their physical body consciously, and when starting another incarnation, they have agreed with their MHS (My Higher Self) that once they have reached a certain level of maturity someone will help them to continue what they started in their previous incarnation or incarnations. The MHS (My Higher Self) directly does not have the ability to pull anyone out of their physical body, colloquially speaking, or even to cause vibrations. We are always assisted in raising our vibration and/or helping us to separate from the physical body by beings from our previous incarnations who may present themselves to us in various ways. Usually when asked who they are they will answer that they are our guardians, emissaries from the future, guardian angels or guides.

The list of symptoms of the onset of awakenings include:

– Vibration: it can be compared to a sensation ranging from strong shivers to the sensation of being electrocuted. Vibrations are sensed by the physical body through physical stimuli, which can sometimes cause slight pain or discomfort. Sometimes we can also hear a characteristic sound resembling a light electrical discharge.

– Frequent regaining of consciousness during sleep being in a state of so-called LD (Lucid Dream). A characteristic symptom of this kind of awakening is that during sleep we regain consciousness being in areas inhabited by self-aware beings, with whom we can try to establish contact. The beings we meet then have most often never experienced physical life, but appear to us as imitations of humans because they have read from us that this form will be best assimilated for us. These beings, however, can often have difficulty communicating with us verbally. This can be compared to trying to talk to someone who knows, for example, only the basics of the language in which we want to talk to that person. Most often these are the same phrases, informing us that this being cannot communicate with us. I will write in another article about the way how to initiate a dialogue with such creatures.

– A strong sense of alienation in the society around us combined with frequent, well remembered dreams in which someone communicates to us that they will help us leave the physical body while also giving us instructions on how to do it.

In the case of this group, we can continue our awakening without much fear because we are protected by beings who help us in this process. Such protection continues until we have the knowledge and skills to effectively protect ourselves from entities that we can describe as hostile.

Group 2 (Blue colour): Persons belonging to this group – i.e. those who wish to begin their OOBE adventure on their own are exposed to certain dangers, so when deciding to begin the processes of separating from the physical body one should continue their journeys until we are ready to meet our MHS (My Higher Self) (difficult to do), who will teach us how to travel safely – or with beings from our MHS’s (My Higher Self’s) circle, who can also help us in some way (easier to do). The OOBE is not a tool for entertainment, nor for satisfying momentary curiosity, because by choosing to leave our physical body consciously, we end up in the Interstate, which is the habitat of beings that can be described as “leeches”.

If you are in doubt as to which group you belong to, please follow this link and complete the short survey to find out whether you qualify as Green or Blue.

The decision whether we want to experience the state of OOBE everyone must take individually, but in this article I will try to inform you about aspects that are often overlooked by people who want to teach others how to leave the physical body, or what’s worse, they do it calling themselves teachers of spiritual development. I regret to say that a very large proportion of the OOBE-related manuals, the qualitative research of which I have done in preparation for writing this article, are of no value whatsoever and have most likely been written by people who have never experienced a full OOBE, or whose knowledge of this phenomenon is superficial. It is easy to see that the same schemes, the same information are reproduced everywhere without going into details – which are the core of the whole problem, because only by going into details can beginner Obenauts eliminate the need to improvise, caused by the lack of sufficient information related to the beginning of the sweet and sour adventure called OOBE.

To define what achieving an OOBE state is, for those who are not proficient in it, I will use two examples:

The first is an expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Anyone who has a minimum understanding of mountains knows that, among other things, you have to be properly prepared, be in good physical condition, gather adequate vision, learn the various aspects of climbing, be fearless and accept the many inconveniences that accompany the journey to the top of the mountain. Surely, there may be daredevils who will reach the summit of Mount Everest without proper, solid preparation, but whether it is worth it, everyone must answer for themselves.

To illustrate the second example, imagine that in a large, busy metropolis, in the middle of a crowded pavement, a small 2-year-old child suddenly appears, barely able to say a few words. Imagine that you are that child. Such a child will not understand what surrounds him or her, will not understand why cars honk loudly, people rush everywhere and do not pay attention to him or her. In this case, we reject the possibility of the appearance of a person who will take care of the child. What can such a child do on its own? It will be lost, scared to death, alone. It will feel that everyone around it disregards it and will not know why no one wants to help it despite its pleas and cries. Such a child, unlike adults, is unable to understand the micro and macro economic processes that have shaped the space around it. If we add to this mix people who may want to harm this child, this example becomes complete.

This is exactly the environment in which the beginner Obenaut finds himself – climbing Mount Everest, only to feel like the child described above when he reaches the top. I sometimes browse the web for places where OOBE subject is discussed, to find out what different people write about the OOBE phenomenon. Many of these people – who don’t have much to do with OOBE – are sly, thinking that since they are grown up and reasonably well-adjusted here on Earth, they will also be able to cope in the Astral Space – they will know how to move there and, generally speaking, “survive”. This is a big mistake. The first conscious leaving of the physical body should be understood as our new birth, and what surrounds us should be perceived as a space about which we know practically nothing. We will have to learn how to move, communicate and avoid danger there.

At the beginning of our leaving the physical body the majority of the met beings inhabiting the outer areas of Astral space may seem to us hostile, but for many of them we shall be simply indifferent, just as a human being is indifferent to the fate of a single small ant which roams a grassy jungle.

The conditions we find in the outer layers of Astral space or in the Interstellar are extremely unfriendly to us, and being there we go completely out of our comfort zone, which can result in panic fear, confusion and disorientation. Of course, not everyone will experience this to the same degree, but to some extent I think it applies to every beginning Obenaut.

II. Threats.

The dangers lurking for beginner Obenauts are not as serious as people who do not have much to do with OOBE used to describe, because beginner Obenauts do not have the necessary skills to reach areas that are a huge threat to self-aware beings (including humans), and the moment they are able to get there, they are simultaneously able to defend themselves against many dangers. Staying with the example of climbing to the top of Mount Everest, one can weave the following thesis: “Mountain climbing is dangerous because a fall from the summit of Mount Everest can end in death”. – This is, of course, a completely untrue thesis because it is too general and only someone who has never seen mountains and does not know that they occur in different places in the world and in different forms could make such a thesis or claim. Does this mean, however, that when we go to the Morskie Oko Lake we should be afraid of falling from the top of Mount Everest? Of course not. We can twist an ankle on a trip to the Morskie Oko Lake – and so the dangers awaiting novice Obenauts are not great either.

However, it is a mistake to think that the area of threats begins and ends with beings who can do us wide-ranging ‘harm’. One of the biggest threats is the need to change our world view, for which we are not prepared. If we get an overabundance of information that we are not prepared for then coming to terms with the sometimes difficult, disappointing truth can be very painful. I won’t cite any examples here that have affected me – every Obenaut must confront this for themselves.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Obenauts who begin to ask questions about, for example, the origins of mankind or the history of mankind, and who will need quite a bit of background information to be able to come to terms with what they have learned will be pelted with mud by the non-OOBE society, which will think that since a given Obenaut knows something, it is his duty to share such knowledge, because they think they are mature enough to be ready for it. What they themselves do not know, however, is that their eyes are closed and they want a sharp razor to be thrown at them, which they hope to catch unscathed for themselves.

There is a simple conclusion from the above – and something I recommend – not to tell everyone what you do if you want to lead a normal life. It is not without reason that I protect my anonymity myself – and with the development of my OOBE skills these reasons appear more and more.

Possibility of possession – since I have been experiencing the state of OOBE I have never met anyone who was possessed in such a Hollywood/religious sense of the word. Sometimes creatures that can be called little energy leeches can attach themselves to us, but firstly they don’t stay with us forever, secondly they can even get to someone who is not experiencing a conscious OOBE, and thirdly they are not such a threat as some people – who have little idea about the matter – like to say. For the purpose of mentioning the matter of possession and for the purpose of this article, I met with several Obenauts who are professionals in this field and also none of them ever connected any possession with achieving the state of OOBE. To sum up the topic of possible/alleged possession – the people who most often say that it happens (and it seems logical, after all we leave the body so someone can occupy it – no, it cannot 🙂 the energy pattern will not match and goodbye) are catholic priests and people who like to talk a lot about OOBE but know little about it.

III. Fear.

Fear during Astral Travel becomes our “second self”, but what are we really afraid of and are our fears then justified? I think that most people fear that for some reason they will not be able to return to their physical body, or that someone will occupy their physical body e.g. through “possession”, which will have further very negative consequences. I cannot with full responsibility guarantee that the return to the physical body will always succeed, but it may be comforting to know that every human being leaves his or her physical body during certain phases of sleep – generally speaking during the REM phase. This happens up to several times during a longer sleep cycle, so it is safe to assume that by multiplying the number of years lived by 365 days of the year and approximately by 2.5, we will find out how many times during our physical life we have left our body while safely returning to it.

How to deal with fear.

Unfortunately, I do not know a simple and effective method how to get rid of fear which accompanies us (especially beginners) during Astral Travel. One of the best methods is to become accustomed to it and to understand – this has to be based on our experience, the fact that I will write about it here will not change anything – that while experiencing the OOBE state we are not threatened by anything particularly bad in the human understanding of this meaning, and if you belong to the “green” group then practically nothing can happen to you because you are under the constant protection of your guides who, if necessary, will step in or get rid of the problem in such a way that you will not even be aware that something has happened.

IV. The first steps in leaving the physical body consciously.

Author of the graphic: unfortunately unknown

Methods for leaving the physical body consciously are many. People in the “green” group very often start to feel vibrations a few minutes after lying in bed, being in a dark, quiet room where they feel safe and all they have to do is get out of their physical body. If you belong to the “green” group, and vibrations do not appear in body spontaneously, or you simply belong to the “blue” group, then the best and the least exotic method for us is the method invented by Darek Sugier called 4+1 (it is a method belonging to the collection of methods involving sleep interruption). This method consists in going to bed at our usual time, sleeping roughly for four hours, then preferably using an alarm clock to wake up, getting out of bed and waking up for an hour. The times specified here, 4 and 1 hours, are a loose suggestion and much depends on individual preferences and daily routine. It may as well be 3+2 or 4+0.5. The important factor, however, is to achieve at least one REM phase during sleep. During our waking hour we can do anything that will wake us up well, it can be a shower, listening to music, eating something light or not too demanding physical exercise.Activities that I do not recommend are certainly drinking coffee or eating anything with a stimulating ingredient. Using a computer is not recommended either, as the intense, multi-coloured light emanating from the computer screen (or phone) can distract us too much in the next stage. It consists in returning to bed, lying down in a comfortable position and waiting for vibrations.

It is important to arrange yourself in a comfortable position. I’ve seen some pseudo-guides on the web about OOBE, saying that the position in which we lay down in bed must be uncomfortable, so that we do not fall asleep quickly, which is for me a complete and even ridiculous nonsense resulting from the lack of knowledge of the authors of these guides on achieving OOBE and the functioning of vibrations themselves. So we arrange ourselves in a comfortable position, in such a way, in which it is easiest for us to fall asleep – and here appears the most difficult thing for beginners Obenauts, that is fighting with your mind, so that it does not fall asleep. A comfortable position is necessary to be able to relax and let our physical body fall asleep – and only the body has to fall asleep, the mind has to remain a conscious observer of the phenomenon. The position itself is not important – it all depends on individual preference, but there should be positions that do not hinder our free breathing. For me the most comfortable position for leaving the physical body is the position in which I sleep on my back, but I most like to fall asleep lying on my side. I choose the position on my back because I have had a number of situations in which it took me a lot of trouble to get to a particular place in the Astral where I had something to do, and the moment I reached that place I began to feel a return signal coming from my physical body ordering me to return to it. Very often I found that I was simply lying on my side which left one of my arms anaemic and I had to reposition my physical body and set off again on a journey which can sometimes take several hours in the perception of Earth time. When I have trouble relaxing well in the ‘on my back’ position, I lie on my side and as subtle signs of vibration start to appear, I slowly change position to my back and then the whole process happens as it should.

Evoking vibrations is balancing on the thin line between waking and dreaming. You have to learn it by practicing for some time and by trial and error method you should make small modifications. You will probably achieve your first vibrations after only a few attempts. The comforting thing is that if you master this art, it will be stored in the regions of your brain, from which you will not be able to get it out easily – just like learning to ride a bicycle – so once you have mastered the art of inducing vibrations, you will not need further training. Achieving vibration is the key to consciously leaving the physical body on your own.

Vibrations may appear after a few minutes, or after e.g. an hour. Unfortunately, it happens that they will not appear at all. The only thing we have to do is to maintain our consciousness as long as possible. Performing non-automated thinking activities may be helpful here – for example, counting from 100 to 1 or performing simple mathematical operations. It may happen that we will fall asleep for a few seconds, then right after waking up again we should do something that will wake up our mind a little more – for example, fast and loud (in our mind) counting down from 100 to 1 every 3, so 100, 97, 94, 91 etc… After about a minute we go back to the activities that I described earlier.

Actions that can help us to invoke and maintain the vibration, and which are worth doing even before going to bed, are certainly: calming down – which can be achieved in many ways. I, if I feel it is necessary, start to listen to music and not to deal with matters related to my work. Surely, meditation is better if someone has conditions for it, but meditation itself needs practice to be effective and to bring tangible benefits in the matter of OOBE, because with the help of meditation you can achieve various goals – which often have nothing to do with achieving vibrations in the future. So, if we are not masters of meditation, let’s find a comfortable position, which will make the pelvis – chest – neck in a straight line., it can be for example on a chair. Breathe semi-deeply – i.e. we need to do 1.5 volume inhalations. It should be remembered, however, that meditation is not about balancing on the border between sleep and reality – if we start feeling symptoms of tiredness or falling asleep, we need to open our eyes for a moment, look around, then close them and try to continue. If, after resuming meditation, you still feel sleepy, stop meditation – because if you fall asleep, it will not give you any greater benefits.

There are at least a dozen methods of lowering the body, but I do not want to present all of them here, focusing on one which is most effective for both beginners and more advanced Obenauts.

V. What are vibrations and how to deal with them.

Vibrations are a set of influences on our physical body, which includes, among others, (near)sleep paralysis. Vibrations are a prelude to leaving the physical body. The general task of vibrations is to put our physical body to sleep, to extinguish our physical senses (sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and finally sight), and to sharpen our perception – which, however, beginning Obenauts may not catch.

Vibrations can take many forms, but most often they feel like chaotic electrical impulses similar to a strong shiver that flow through our body. What we need to do at this stage is to systematise them. Let’s think/imagine them flowing uniformly from our head to our feet and back again. The vibrations will respond to our thoughts as long as we are focused on them and they will adapt to our thoughts. The ideal speed is from head to feet and back in about 1 second. After a while the vibrations should become permanently systematic and then we start the stage of detaching from the physical body. If at this stage our non-physical senses are awakened, we will feel our physical body as a warm, sticky jelly with a magnetic field that will attract us if our non-physical body (or part of it) comes within about 10-30 centimetres.

To separate ourselves from the physical body we must, without thinking about the physical body, try to move. It is best at the beginning to try to lift our non-physical hand up and try to move it a little. Without much trouble we should be able to touch the ceiling (which is, after all, about 2 meters above us) or the floor, which is under the bed, penetrating the structure of the bed with our non-physical hand. The next and usually final step in the separation is to completely separate from the physical body. We can, for example, try to roll to one side, or try to sit up. If we succeed then ta-dah!, we are experiencing our first conscious OOBE. I don’t recommend travelling into the unknown on your first out-of-body experience. I recommend that we spend the first few exits in a familiar area relatively close to our physical body. We can “walk” around the flat, look out the window, see our sleeping physical body (I guarantee it will be a very strange feeling) and try to drift freely in the air. The first exits are very short, because we don’t have enough energy resources to make long journeys and they last about a few minutes. We can lengthen them slightly by controlling our emotions. If we are overwhelmed by euphoria or fear we will quickly burn up our energy and our astral body will return to the physical body. As time goes on, our ability to stay longer in the Interstate will increase to a maximum of about 30 minutes which does not seem to be an impressive result, but we should remember that one of the next steps of our learning will be leaving the Interstate and travelling to slightly deeper areas of the Astral, where the phenomenon of time will no longer apply to us.

Beginner Obenauts may feel the effects of vibrations up to a few days after they occur, but the intensity will be much weaker then. This does not mean that something bad is happening, it is just that the physical body has not yet learned how to get rid of the residual energy responsible for the vibrations.

For people who like to dig deeper – vibrations and sleep paralysis are not the same phenomena, although in colloquial, inaccurate content on the web you can notice that many people use these terms interchangeably. Vibration is a much broader spectrum of effects than sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis affects our physical body, but the functioning of our mind remains the same. Vibrations act on both our physical body and our mind/self preparing it to function in Astral.

VI. How to recognize that we are experiencing OOBE.

Such questions are asked mainly by people who have never experienced this state. During full, conscious leaving of the body we feel as if we are in a completely different world. Our perception is very wide. Let me use alcoholic intoxication as an example. In physical life, under the influence of a large quantity of alcohol, our perception is considerably narrowed down and our ability to think logically fails. We are less able to recognise cause and effect relationships, our motivation decreases and we are indifferent to many things – that’s why after drinking a lot of alcohol we don’t care where we fall asleep if we are tired. When experiencing OOBE, with time we notice more and more that physical life resembles the state of alcohol intoxication, and we have full and wide perception only after leaving the physical body.

On the other hand, if someone fears that while practicing OOBE it will happen that while in the physical body they will think that they have an OOBE and will jump out of a window, they can perform a simple reality test – for example, they can try to pierce their hand through with a finger of the other hand, although after several exits from the physical body the person who was in the dilemma described here will quickly understand that this fear was due to a lack of sufficient knowledge about how we feel being in the astral body.

The above information applies only to a full, conscious leaving of the physical body. When we experience LD our perception usually remains unchanged and sometimes only reality tests can help.

VII. The first steps in the Astral Space.

Author of graphic: Aramisdream / aramisdream.it

Leaving the physical body, although a big problem for many people, is in fact only a word of a preface to what awaits us in the Astral . A moment after leaving the physical body we can notice that we possess a range of senses that we do not have in the physical body, but it should be noted that the question of awakening of the mentioned senses is an individual matter. Some of the senses we will be able to use (and automatically know how to do it) already during the first separations from the physical body, for awakening others we will need months or years. Some of the senses of the astral body can function only in the high radiation areas of the Astral, therefore they will never be activated for us in the Interstate or in other external areas of the Astral. I will not describe all the senses that I have come to know either, I will concentrate in this article only on those that you will be able to interact with at the beginning of your OOBE adventure. The Astral Body is susceptible to our thoughts (conscious and those flowing from the core, i.e. the subconscious), so that its shape, behaviour and access and managing of the senses will present itself to us in a way that we can mentally understand, i.e. in a way that is as close as possible to the managing of the senses of the physical body.

A moment after leaving the physical body our senses may still not function properly, just as in the case of the first few seconds after waking up physically – our sense of balance is then often disturbed, our eyes, because of the fact that they have not been used, react more strongly to light, because the pupil does not yet work in the right way. Exactly the same happens to the senses of the astral body, except that, in contrast to the physical senses, the astral ones often may not be awaken by themselves – we have to help them to do so.

One way to awaken the basic senses is to interact with the physical environment of the Interstate. We can try rubbing our hands over objects with a complex texture – such as a rough wall. This method often appears in pseudo OOBE guides, but it has one major drawback. The problem with using this method is that awakening the senses of the astral body too quickly can result in a return to the physical body.

According to my experience, it took me a fair amount (probably several hundred) of trial and error, the better method is to make rapid mental leaps. The way I do it is that I leave my physical body and in the Interstate I think “eyes!” very quickly and as soon as the slightest spark appears in my perception presenting me with an example of how eyes work (that is, as soon as the image of watching something comes to me) I immediately break off this thought and utter another one “ears!” – naturally an example of some sound appears in my concioussnes, so I move on to the next sense randomly jumping around them. Depending on my needs, this awakening of the senses lasts for up to a few minutes, after which I feel a slight dizziness that lasts for up to a few seconds. Then it’s important not to drift off when we feel we are getting tired. If we sense that we are drifting off, as if we are falling asleep, then do some quick movements of the physical body. This is entirely my own method, which is incredibly effective not only in my case, but also in the case of the Obenauts whom I have taught it, but as with anything, it takes practice, but in the long run it seems essential. I have been using it successfully since I invented it – which is certainly over 10 years now.

The senses we know from the physical body:

The sense of sight – In the first moments it imitates the physical sense, sometimes mapping our visual defects..However, it is enough to say mentally that we want it to work as well as it can, and we immediately get sight that has no limitations. For example, if we want to look at the structure of some object, we can do it so precisely that we will see the structure of atomic bonds and everything that is deeper – I leave the discovery of this to you 🙂 exactly the same works looking into the distance – if we point at the sky, for example, the Moon, then without much effort we will be able to look at one particular rock located on the surface of the Moon…. and then study its atomic structure. The planets, of course, are in constant motion, but we need not worry about this because the sight has an automatic image stabilizer. With this stabilizer it is of course a joke, it would be more truthful to say that our astral body does not have sight as such at all, but it is susceptible to the vibrations of all the waves of energy found throughout the physical universe (and not only), even the subatomic ones, from which our body forms an intelligible image. One trick that impresses novice Obenauts is the ability to perceive space in 360 degrees – we have ‘eyes around our head’ – we just need to focus on the thought that this is how we want to see.

The sense of hearing – technically works exactly the same as the sense of sight, and has no limitations. We can hear the movement of a grain of sand coming from a neighbouring galaxy. If you are wondering whether such a sound chaos from everything around us on a galactic scale is bearable, I will answer that it is – because we hear only what we wish to hear, so looking from the other side, we can say that in a place where there is a huge buzz caused by many people talking at the same time, we will be able to isolate, for example, the voice of one particular person we want to hear.

The sense of touch – we can feel the texture of the surface we are touching without any difficulty. Additionally, atomic/material bonds are not a limitation for us, so we can pierce a wall with our non-physical hand and check what is on its other side.

The senses of taste/smell – practically does not function. I have tested them many times and you can sense the structure of the taste but not its physical equivalent. In my case, when tasting a lemon (which in the physical body would twist me on all sides 🙂) I only feel the tart texture, just as if I were trying to lick high-grit sandpaper.

After a dozen or so OOBE experiences additional senses will begin to activate:

The sense of time perception – we will be able to determine fairly accurately what time – according to the physical time marker known to us – we have spent in Astral Space. This sense is especially useful at the moment when we are in the areas of Astral where the phenomenon of time continuity does not occur.

The sense of direction – makes us have an excellent sense of direction in the physicality surrounding us in the Interstate. If we happen to go to e.g. a planet located in another galaxy and we want to visit it again after some time, we will intuitively know in which direction we have to fly to get there. This sense works in such a smooth way that the moment a planet changes its location, we will immediately know about it and without any problems we will change the direction of our flight.

[ignore]The sense of identification[/ignore] – allows us to learn something about the being that is the object of our interest on the basis of the unique Idents of this being. We find out, for example, if this being has ever lived in any physical universe, or if it was once a human. Of course, if it is an Obenaut we will know it very quickly, as well as beings that are not self-aware such as Guardians. Using this sense, we can also understand the intentions of met beings.. This sense should be developed as soon as possible, because using it is a great help for Obenauts beginners. The effectiveness and reliability of the information obtained through this sense is unquestionable and no being with intentions towards us that can be considered “bad” will be able to deceive this sense. If we use the sense of identification in the Interstate in relation to a living person, we receive very superficial information, mainly concerning the emotional state of that person.

The sense of the energy level – allows to determine what types of energy are bound in our astral body and what is their level. One can compare the action and usefulness of this sense to a pointer that determines the fuel level in a car.

The sense of radiation – after having more OOBE experiences, in certain areas of the Interstate or outer layers of the Astral, we can feel discomfort akin to being in too high temperature. Some of the energies that we interact with may seem “hot to touch”, although in most cases the energy beams will be so strong that we will not be able to get close to them, even though we may have been able to do so before. A separate sense is responsible for sensing radiation, which may seem quite inconvenient at the beginning of the OOBE adventure, but will be one of the most useful senses in subsequent stages of development.

In addition:

The sense of balance – not present. We do not feel the slightest disturbance of the vagus, when performing fast rounds, barrels or sudden, rapid changes in the direction of flight.

Nociception (sensation of physical pain) – exists only illusorily and we can quickly learn how to turn this sense off.

There are dozens of senses to which we will gain access over time, but at the initial stage it is worth to focus on those described above.

In colloquial nomenclature, the awakening of the senses of the astral body while being in the Interstate is called Tuning-in , but this term is also used by Obenauts – unfortunately – in relation to several other phenomena/activities that take place behind the outer areas of the Astral (closer to the centre), which in the case of beginner Obenauts can cause a small cognitive dissonance – but this is another thread for another article.

VIII. [ignore]The Interstate[/ignore].

To quote the meaning of this word from the glossary on this website: The Interstate is the space of the astral world which connects the physical universe with the outer layers of the astral world by its extent. When we leave the physical body consciously, the first frequency we find ourselves in is the Interstate.

Depending on internal (our) factors we can find ourselves in the physicality which is fully relevant to the one that we live in or in one of the alternative versions of physicality which may be unchangeable in our perception and feeling but which does not give us then – being in the astral body – the possibility of any interference with its structure. In other words, being in the Interstate we can most often be only passive observers of what we see on the physical plane.

So, when we leave the physical body consciously we find ourselves in the Interstate, but often we are trapped in an artificial space called ACMO. The author of this name (ACMO – Area Created by the Mind of the Observer) is Darek Sugier and although I like this term, it often causes a little confusion. Darek suggested that ACMO is created by the mind of the observer, which is us, when we leave the physical body. From my observations and thorough analysis of this phenomenon – to which I devoted a lot of time – it appears that this Observer is not us, but (which still fits this abbreviation) an External Observer, who enclosed us in an artificial space in order to observe us and at the same time is hidden from us.

One of the characteristics of being in the ACMO is that it is easy to recognise some small things that do not match the physicality we know. When leaving the physical body we may find that our room looks almost exactly the same as in reality, except that one piece of furniture or small object may have been moved away. The external observer who locks us in the ACMO reads from our conscious self the memories connected with our physical environment and on this basis creates the foreground of the ACMO (which is closer to us). However, the problem of such external observers is that they do not always understand the phenomenon of time and how information is stored in our mind. For them time is like frames from a film, but they do not understand that the smooth shifting of frames creates the impression of time and, what is more, these frames can only move in one direction. When the External Observer encounters a problem with reading one of the frames, he uses another frame, e.g. from a few minutes or a few hours ago, thus attaching certain elements of the environment.

An additional element with which external observers have problems is the representation of the functioning of electricity – which in their understanding is the most primitive form of energy. If, for example, you look at a clock with a digital display after leaving your body, it will seem to you that the clock has gone crazy and is showing some random signs. Another important attribute that stands in opposition to what I wrote a few sentences ago is the fact that being in the ACMO we can often interfere to some extent with the physicality of this space. We can try, for example, to turn on a light – if we press the switch, the light will not turn on, because the External Observer does not understand how such a switch works, but the very fact that we can press this switch and change its location proves that we are in the ACMO, because if we are in the Interstate, outside the ACMO, such a switch would not react in any way – neither would any other physical object.

The questions that should be asked at this point are “how to leave ACMO” and “how to find the External Observer who locked us in ACMO?”. In general, for a beginner Obenaut it is practically impossible if he wants to do it alone, without external help. Therefore, I will let this thread go and write an article explaining this matter in the future. For a more skilled Obenaut leaving the ACMO and finding the External Observer is rarely necessary (he uses his skill of tuning-in , which causes the transfer to another Astral area – it can be compared to teleportation), but if he wants to find it, there is no big problem with it.

Being in the Interstate we are subject to many limitations resulting from the rules of this space. The more we try to tune in to the Interstate and get out of the ACMO in order to see better the surrounding physicality, the more this physicality starts to degrade and become unstable. Time may begin to flow in a non-uniform manner, and the structure of matter we perceive will begin to penetrate into another dimension – which beginner Obenauts may not grasp. The influence of the extra dimensions to which we open micro-gates at the moment of strong tune – in to the Interstate can be compared to pulling a plug from a bathtub filled with water, where water symbolises matter. Of course, the annihilation only affects the part of the Interstate we are observing and does not have any significant effect on 4th dimensional physicality.

Below I present you a video, which shows how the degradation of the physicality/time/space is perceived from the perspective of the physical body after a too strong tune-in.

For comparison an actual photo of this place:

A video of the walk:  (click to open in new tab)

The above example also illustrates well how difficult it may be with some OOBE to perform reality tests confirming our actual state in the astral body in the physicality. It is enough to imagine that we leave the physical body, then we tune up to the Interstate, we already have the skills how to leave the ACMO, and then we go to the place where we have to perform a seemingly simple test with reading the inscription from the paper, where the degradation of the physicality takes place.

There are many variations associated with physicality degradation, the one shown in the example above is a high degree degradation and at the time I investigated this phenomenon it occurred in about 1 in 5 cases. In 4 out of 5 cases the degradation was at a much lower level – allowing me to easily see the outlines of objects and their structure, but without being able to look at the details.

Degradation will never occur when we are in the ACMO. Then, however, with more or less accuracy we can confirm for ourselves what is in the physicality (if you have watched films with my participation recorded for NTV, you may remember the situation when I pulled a piece of plastic out of a bird’s nest). The limitation, however, will always be what the External Observer intends to show us, so if someone needs to do that then they should do a lot of complex tests and analyse them on a probability basis. If there will be 20 randomly arranged numbers on a piece of paper and you will read them correctly e.g. in 1 out of 10 attempts, and in 9 attempts you will see on the paper (due to the conscious influence of the External Observer) completely different numbers than those in physicality, this is not a proof that you passed the test? Of course it is an indisputable proof. But remember that you should conduct such tests for yourselves – do not try to save mankind in this way and try to prove the reality of the OOBE phenomenon in your beginnings with this phenomenon. You will probably understand why you should not do this after several hundred OOBE experiences.

IX. Guardians.

Conscious OOBE is not a natural state for humans. Guards watch the correct course of unconscious exits from the body (we experience them simply by sleeping), whose task is to deprive us of consciousness at the moment when we accidentally gain it. They have a wide range of tools for that, so in case of a confrontation with a Guardian we have no chance. It is different when we leave our physical body consciously, then we are also exposed to the attack of the Guardians, but we can learn how to deal with them. The “green” group of Obenauts is much less exposed to Guardian encounters than the “blue” one.

Guardians are artificial creations and are not qualified as self-aware beings. Colloquially they are sometimes referred to as Bots, to suggest their robotic/automatic/artificial nature. It follows that we do not need to have a personal relationship with them, because even if it seems to us that we meet a particular Guardian often and that it “picks on” us, it should be remembered that a Guardian is nothing more than an astral robot endowed with artificial intelligence, being a product of someone else’s technology. The area of the Guardians is the Interstate and the outer layers of the Astral.

In case the Guardian realizes that you have consciously left your physical body he will do everything to make you return to your body. He may try to frighten you strongly so that you decide to come back yourself, or burn all your energy so that you cannot continue your journey. You should remember that in the Interstate all our emotions, both negative and positive, burn up our energy, of which we have relatively little at the beginning of OOBE practices.

How to recognise a guardian? It can be a little difficult for the beginners to do this, especially if he does not know that such creations exist, or does not have enough knowledge about them. An additional difficulty may be that a Guardian can take any form and have different intentions towards us. One of the things that lets us know that a given being is a Guardian is a dull look, like that of someone who is, for example, under the influence of drugs. There is no spark of life in the gaze of a Guardian – which people can recognise without the slightest problem. This condition is only valid when we are in the Interstate and experience an OOBE. For example, during a conscious dream we can meet many beings with a similar look, which are sometimes artificial creations, but they are not Guardians.

Below there are some characteristics of the Guardians that I meet most often during my travels:

Guardian The Riddler, most often appears to us as a slightly “scatterbrained” person (less often a creature not physically resembling a human), who urgently needs to tell us something. If we don’t want to talk, the Riddler will probably change the subject and change his attitude towards us, threatening us or starting a topic, which may be mentally painful for us. If something has happened recently that has left a scratch on your psyche, you can be sure that the Rattlesnake will bring up the subject, asking about the details of the event, for example.

Guardian The Beast, performs actions that are supposed to make us feel pain similar to physical pain. It takes various forms, often looking like beasts from the worst horror movies. It will push us, bite us, strangle us, put its hands/paws in our mouths and try to tear us apart.

Guardian The Blackmailer, very often starts the interaction with words suggesting that he knows us very well, that we should not do what we are doing or else he will harm us or our loved ones.

Guardian The Sadist, will quickly recognise our phobias and use them against us. Are you afraid of heights? Be sure that in a moment you will feel that you are in two places at once – still in the Interstate, and at the same time on the edge of a rock shelf high in the mountains. Are you afraid of dogs? You will be bitten by them. No love for needles? Sorry, but it will probably come up to you and start sticking them in you one by one.

Guardian The Masochistic, most often is someone who needs our help and draws us into his story, sometimes he persuades us to go with him to some place – he then leads us through layer after layer of strong radiation that burns our energy and causes us to quickly return to the physical body ending our OOBE. Sometimes the Guardian from this group performs the illusion of self-mutilation in an attempt to arouse our sympathy. If we refuse his help he often uses tricks to stimulate our empathy e.g. he starts crying.

Guardian The Erotic, in my case, appears as a woman who is fully suited to, say, my preferences. From the lips of such a Guardian come all sorts of erotic proposals, although sometimes it’s just flirting.

Guardian The Devil, in the case of strong believers, appears as a creature resembling the devil, although the spectrum of his appearance is very wide. I don’t identify with any religion or religious group, which makes this type of Guardian very rare in my travels.

Guardian The Promise Keeper, in a way is similar to the Riddler, except that he directly refers to our leaving the body by promising to help us develop our abilities. In some cases he promises all sorts of material goods that may be waiting for us in the physical world if we decide to end our journey immediately and return to our physical body.

Guardian The Mirror, pretends to be ourselves. He looks exactly like us physically and draws us into often philosophical conversations.

Guardian The Non-material, is the most difficult form for beginner Obenauts to recognise. It can take the form of a mist, shadow, beam of light, steam or liquid, which will try to interact with you, mainly by “physically” burning your energy. The difficulty in recognition also lies in the fact that many friendly beings may do something towards us that at first glance will look the same except that these beings are sharing their energy with us, rather than taking it away from us.

Guardian The Mocker, will be cynical towards you, you will hear him laughing, saying that you are not able to do anything to him anyway, if you tell him to leave you alone he will laugh in your face and say for example that this place belongs to him.

The guards can read us like an open book, which means that they often adopt the forms that will help them achieve their goals most easily.They are specialised in what they do and they are very effective – as shown by the fact that (non-oobe) people practically never achieve the OOBE state without external help.

Guardians are quite a problem for many beginning Obenauts – often the very first encounter with a Guardian is so strongly traumatic for the Obenaut that he or she decides to end his OOBE adventure. On the web you can come across many reports of people who believe that nothing good can happen to them in the OOBE, because they only meet very hostile beings. Such people do not realise that they are meeting Guardians who are no real threat – that is not their role. The topic of the Guardians is important because of them the state of OOBE or astral space itself is perceived in society as something strongly forbidden and devilish. It is therefore worth knowing that people who claim to have experienced the OOBE many times and have always encountered sinister beings, have never crossed the barrier that hides behind the limit of the Guardians’ activity. The ratio of the number of astral beings, which are friendly to us, to the number of beings hostile to us (often only in our perception) is huge and I estimate that the latter are only a few percent.

Another important point is that the Guardians are programmed for long-term actions, in other words, their primary task is to bring you back to the physical body, but a side task is also to discourage to leave your physical body consciously again. Sometimes I met Guardians who pretended to suck the life energy – as they called it – out of me. The whole process looked quite phenomenal – the Guardian immobilised me and then I watched an artificial projection which presented different types of energy which supposedly left my astral body and were sucked out by the Guardian. I can imagine what a beginner Obenaut, who does not yet have a developed sense to identify the energies of the various types bound (read: located in) his astral body, might think at that moment.

Probably many adepts of OOBE wonder whether the existence of Guardians is a necessity. Well, it is necessary. If the Guardians responsible for our area of the Interstate suddenly disappeared, a huge part of humanity would begin to experience the state of OOBE, which would be disastrous for the whole of humanity. With the deeper spiritual development of humanity (in a few hundred years, around the year 2700 – 2800) the number of Guardians will begin to decrease.

X. Fighting the Guardians.

Any attempt to fight (understood as beating each other up) does not make the slightest sense, because we will never win with the Guardians. There are ways to deal with them, using the right forms of energy and managing them properly. We can then create the right tools or zones to help in this process, but for beginning Obenauts I recommend ignoring them – I know it is easy to say this if someone starts attacking you – or just running away. Obenauts who are fully aware of who the Guardians are don’t need to do anything more than say the words – “verbally” or in thoughts like “I know who you are, you’re not getting anywhere”. If the Guardian recognises that you are aware of who they are and know how to get rid of them, they will let go and not pay any attention to you. Sometimes in such cases he will disappear taking with him the ACMO he created earlier. Then there will be a flash of very bright light, and you will find yourself in the Interstate observing the real physicality. There are methods to take control of the Guardians’ actions, but this requires many complex skills, far beyond the intent of this article, which is a collection of information/guidance for novice travellers.

A group of ‘greens’ can also express the intention to have someone help them fight the Guardian – then sometimes without any visible interference the Guardian will disappear, and behind this help will stand one of ‘our’ previous incarnations or ourselves from the ‘future’ – but this is a topic for a separate article.

XI. Moving in the [ignore]Interstate[/ignore].

Moving in the Interstate, i.e. physically covering distances, does not cause any major problems. We can simply go to a given place on foot, fly, jump, or teleport there – although for Obenauts beginners, the latter may prove to be the most difficult, so it’s best to perform a series of mini jumps/teleportation to a point, which we can see on the horizon, for example. Then you will not lose your sense of direction in space and you will avoid numerous frustrations.

It is worth remembering that flying over the city where we live to find a single point can be quite a difficult task, because it requires training to see the surroundings from a different perspective. After all, we know the place where we live from the height of our eyes, or from higher and lower points where we are, such as a balcony.

You can find out that this is not always an easy task while you are still in your physical body. All you have to do is open Google Maps, turn on a satellite photo without any street name prompts. Then find the building where you live by simply zooming in/out and moving the map in any direction. Once you have found your house, try to find for example the building of the school you used to go to (or still go to), of course if this building is located e.g. a kilometre or more away from your house. After this short exercise, try to go to a town whose topography you know very well, e.g. 100 km away, and find the town square there. It is not difficult to notice that this is not an easy task – especially when you are out of your physical body and we are influenced by a huge range of all kinds of external factors – gusts of wind, environment and internal – our emotions, including fear.

Of course, this will be relatively easy for people who frequently use the satellite version of Google Maps, or simply for those who have a good sense of direction.

One of the basic rules that make travel easier for novice Obenauts is to travel not to places, but to people. If you want to visit your friend, it is much easier to think that you want to meet this person – then one of our senses will activate and, with the help of autopilot and without our greater participation, will lead us to the place. Trying to fly to the place where our friend is will be a much more difficult task.

Each time we eperience OOBE and practice more flying in the Interstate, the previously mentioned Sense of direction will be more and more awakened, which will significantly make all our travels easier.

XII. Leaving the [ignore]Interstate[/ignore].

Author of graphic: Doug Batista (Astral Requin)

Again I shall return here to the term which is caled Tuning-in. The astral body in some of its aspects can be compared to a radio which can be tuned to certain frequencies. In the process of changing the radio station we change the frequencies we receive, thus gaining access to different stations, in other words the radio changes the content presented to us without having to move. The process of tuning into the different frequencies of the astral world works in exactly the same way – we don’t travel any physical distances, all we have to do is tune into the frequency we want to receive, which can result in a complete change of environment and everything associated with it.

The theoretical part of the tune-in phenomenon is quite simple, but the practical application of it requires a lot of practice – often by trial and error. In the vast majority of cases, more complex interactions with the Astral Space involve the unlocking of natural processes and tools with which our astral bodies are endowed. One of the methods of using the tools which are a component of the astral body is visualisation, thanks to which we can communicate with the subconscious of the astral body. I, in order to tune into other frequencies, imagine that my astral hand, from shoulder to palm, is a scale of radio/astral frequencies. I slowly move my other hand across the “scale”, changing the frequency received, doing this until I find myself in the space of interest to me-then I reach the place with the help of motion / movement.

The scale of frequencies available to beginning Obenauts will be small – perhaps one, or a few places, and the rest (a vast amount that can only be expressed by a one and a horrendous number of zeros) of space will be visible as a white, empty blob. With time of development and the ability to perceive different radiation fields, we will have more opportunities to tune in. The reason for the inaccessibility of certain places may be, as I wrote earlier, insufficient skills, or an external blockade imposed by the MTJ (or in other words by ourselves, at the moment of choosing the next incarnation). The mentioned blockade is a form of protection of ourselves and no conscious Obenaut will complain about its existence but rather will wonder what he has to do to remove it and whether he has to do it at all. I could give here a huge number of methods for gaining access to spaces previously inaccessible to us, but I prefer to use one example to illustrate how it looked in my case.

In the course of my development and study in the “astral school”, or in other words, in the individual lessons taught by my MHS (My Higher Self), I learned that one of the stages of development would be to work with beings who have a physical life behind them and who, through some of their choices, are stuck in what Christians would call hell, Buddhists Naraka, and Obenauts places of very low frequencies. I will leave the description of these places for another article, but briefly speaking, there are people there who often have the following characteristics: they still think they are physically alive, they are not in the Interstate, they are in a state of deep despair and/or deep sadness and/or deep indifference. My job was to release some of these beings from their state, but in order to get into this frequency, I had to gain some practice in dealing with such beings, through which I worked for several years on Recovering the Dead. This work involved finding dead people who were stuck in the Interstate and for some reason stayed there without realising they were dead. They have lost track of time and do not understand what is happening to them. During such encounters I had to show some psychic abilities and the right approach, which was later very helpful for the next stage of development – that is, working with beings residing in low frequency spaces. The process of unblocking the new frequency was such that during one of my outings the MHS (My Higher Self) informed me that I had already acquired the necessary skills to go further and from that moment on there was no longer a white spot at the bottom of my frequency scale but the previously mentioned place.

I recommend that beginner Obenauts see the Interstate as an experimental/training space where they can take their first steps in a fairly neutral environment. If we treat the Guardians as training puppets and learn how to deal with them, and the Interstate as a place with strong gravity where we involuntarily work out our fitness and muscles, then later we will overcome every wall and nobody will jump us 😉

Dear friends, please let me know if this article is complete and understandable for you. If you think that I should raise any more issues concerning the initial phases of dealing with OOBE, or if I have described any of the presented problems in a way that is not clear. The same in the case of noticed errors, typos, etc. – Please let me know, I would like this article to be of good quality as I believe many people will benefit from the content and I would like it to be as accessible as possible. Write in the comments or to my e-mail, I will then make the appropriate corrections to the article, or I will complete it with the missing content 🙂 I would like you to know what you think.

Thanks to Wejsza & Bratu for the translation.

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I have met the Guards countless times and never knew what these creatures wanted from me, and now many things have become clear to me. Its a pity that I found your website so late…

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Very very very good article. Thanks and greetings from Italy!!